Thomas Davis to annouce first round pick of the Panthers

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Thomas Davis will be announcing the first round draft pick of the Carolina Panthers. Davis will be the very first active NFL player to announce the first round pick for his team. Shunned by the Pro Bowl Thomas Davis is being honored because he is a class act and the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year.

Thomas Davis is the first NFL player to overcome three ACL injuries to the same knee and as a matter of fact is playing his best football right now. Davis is such a class act and loved by the fans of the Carolina Panthers.

It will be great hearing Thomas Davis announce the first pick in the 2015 NFL draft by the Carolina Panthers. I hope he gets to come back next year and do it again but we will have to wait longer to hear it. The Carolina Panthers will be picking with the 32nd pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. 

Wainwright's injury has some calling for DH in the National League

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St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright is probably out for the season with an Achilles injury. The fact that Wainwright was injured while batting has some fans calling for designated hitters in the National League.

Wainwright is one of the best pitchers in baseball and his loss will surely hurt the Cardinals but I don’t see that as a reason to have a designated hitter in the National League. I actually like the fact that the two leagues have separate rules on some things with the DH being the big one.

It’s not like pitchers get hurt all the time while batting and Wainwright’s injury came from a stumble anyway. It adds to the game by having pitchers batting in the National League and I think it should stay that way.

Shaq Thompson the next Thomas Davis for the Carolina Panthers?

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Will Shaq Thompson be the next Thomas Davis? Shaq Thomas played running back, safety and linebacker at Washington and the Carolina Panthers recently spent some time with him. With Thomas Davis getting long in the tooth could Thompson be his eventual replacement?

Shaq Thompson was a good running back in college but should be a better linebacker or safety in the NFL. Thomas Davis was a college safety converted to linebacker because the Panthers needed to counter the speed of then Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.

NFL teams love versatile players and Shaq Thompson brings that to the table. I would have no problem if the Carolina Panthers drafted Shaq and groom him to replace Thomas Davis a few years down the road. 

Video Freddie Gray violent protests almost disrupt game at Camden Yards

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Fans at the Orioles and Red Sox game got a scare as protestors looted near Camden Yards last night. They were protesting the death Freddie Gray who died in police custody from a spinal injury. The protest quickly turned violent as people used it for an excuse to loot.

There were reports of baseball fans fighting with the protestors in bars before the game at Camden Yards. At one point fans were told not to leave the stadium as the looting and violence from the Freddie Gray protest got close to the game.

I get that people are fed up with the police brutality going on but I don’t get how looting is supposed to solve that. Often people just go out to protests as an excuse to run wild and cause trouble. I am glad there wasn’t some massive brawl outside the game as could have happened.

Poll Should the Carolina Panthers sign Justin Blackmon?

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This is a poll asking if the Carolina Panthers should sign wide receiver Justin Blackmon. The former 5th overall draft pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars is about to be shown the door there, should the Panthers take a chance with him?

Blackmon is currently under indefinite suspension in the NFL and would have to get reinstated to have a chance to resume his career. When he has been on the field for the Jaguars Blackmon has shown flashed of what made him a high draft pick.

To be realistic there is no chance in Hades that Jerry Richardson would sign another problem player this soon after Greg Hardy. But if he becomes available would you WANT the Panthers to sign Justin Blackmon? 

I don't care if Bruce Jenner is a woman

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Bruce Jenner told Dianne Sawyer that he is a woman now and Twitter exploded. Well I could care less if Bruce Jenner is a woman or a man. Jenner is an American Olympic icon and that can’t be taken away from her.

This is 2015 and gays or people undergoing a sex change are much less of a big deal than it used to be. Because Bruce Jenner was a huge success as an athlete does make it newsworthy I guess but until I wrote this article, I hadn’t given it 5 minutes of thought. It really isn’t any of our business if Bruce Jenner is a woman or a man. Whatever makes Jenner happy is fine by me. 

Greg Hardy Suspended 10 games

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Former Carolina Panther Greg Hardy has been suspended from the NFL for 10 games. Now Hardy is a Dallas Cowboy but I still think the punishment is too much. Hardy didn’t get any games off his suspension this year because of his games missed last year, because he got paid to miss them.

I thought the NFL would suspend Greg Hardy for 6 games and never thought it would be for 10. The NFL is trying to make an example out of Greg Hardy and show players that if you embarrass the shield you will pay in the pocketbook.

Now that we know the suspension of Greg Hardy is for 10 games we know that gives him 6 games and the playoffs (if they make it) to prove he is still a great player. Hardy will make about $5 million for his 6 regular season games in Dallas so he won’t be beanies and weenies unless he just likes them!

Carolina Panthers 2015 schedule

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The Carolina Panthers 2015 schedule has been released and is highlighted by the first Thanksgiving Day game in Carolina Panthers history. Who do the Panthers play on Thanksgiving Day? Greg Hardy and the Dallas Cowboys in the house that Jerry built.

Carolina Panthers 2015 Schedule

Sunday September 13th at Jacksonville

Sunday September 20th Houston

Sunday September 27th New Orleans

Sunday October 4th at Tampa Bay

Sunday October 11th Bye

Sunday October 18th at Seattle

Sunday October 25th Philadelphia Eagles

Monday November 2nd Indianapolis

Sunday November 8th Green Bay

Sunday November 15th at Tennessee

Sunday November 22nd Washington

Thursday November 26th (Thanksgiving) at Dallas

Sunday December 6th at New Orleans

Sunday December 13th Atlanta

Sunday December 20th at New York Giants

Sunday December 27th at Atlanta

Sunday January 3 Tampa Bay

What stands out about the Panthers schedule is that they HAVE to get off to a good start. Playing the Seahawks, Eagles, Colts and Packers in a row will be rough. It will be interesting to see Cam Newton go against Andrew Luck who shunned the Panthers as well.  

Videos of the worst soccer riots ever

Thanks for reading this article featuring the biggest soccer riots ever. It never ceases to amaze me how worked up soccer fans get at game and even kill each other over them at times! Please check out the videos of the biggest soccer riots and leave a comment below.

Soccer riots are so bad that is has a name, football hooliganisim. Of course most soccer fans just want to see a good contest but some sure do give the sport a bad name. Well on to the videos.