5 Things for Carolina Panthers fans to be thankful for

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These are 5 things that Carolina Panthers fans should be thankful for. First let me wish every fan in PantherNation a very happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all enjoy this holiday with friends, family and some good NFL games!

5 Things Carolina Panthers fans should be thankful for

1 Luke Kuechly is the best middle linebacker in the NFL.

Luke Kuechly is being talked about on a national level as the best middle linebacker in football. It is good for Panthers fans to know that Luke Kuechly is so well known and that we can know our defense is in his capable hands.

2 The NFC South Sucks

None of the other NFC South teams have ran away with the division and the Panthers are still in playoff contention. More importantly the Saints, Falcons and Buc’s fans can’t do much trash talking to us!

3 Kelvin Benjamin is the real deal

The Carolina Panthers know that Kelvin Benjamin is probably going to be an elite NFL wide receiver for years to come. Yes Benjamin had his ups and downs but he played much better than most of us thought he would as a rookie.

4 The Carolina Panthers will have a high draft pick next year.

As much as I dislike Dave Gettleman he has done well in the early rounds of the draft (so did Hurney) and he will have a better positon to draft from in 2015.

5 The Carolina Panthers will improve their offensive line

The Panthers HAVE to improve the offensive line next year and that is the biggest problem on the team.

Tim Tebow should go into politics

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Tim Tebow should run for public office. I think it’s pretty clear that Tim Tebow’s NFL playing career is over and I think he should become a politician. There have been rumors before of Tim Tebow considering politics and I think he could easily win public office.

Tebow wouldn’t just be an athlete getting votes for his name. Tim Tebow has a reputation as a religious and moral person. Plenty of people would vote for such a person these days. And no I am not some hard line right winger wanting Tim Tebow to save the Republican Party.

Tim Tebow would hardly be the first athlete to go into politics. Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jack Kemp is much better known for politics than his NFL career. I think Tim Tebow should do something productive with his massive popularity.

Tim Tebow could also consider going into preaching. Plenty of people would love to hear Tim Tebow as a preacher and he could raise millions of dollars in donations for worthy causes. Of course Tim Tebow may never go into politics or the pulpit. He may be very happy talking about college football on television.

Looking at the 2015 Carolina Panthers Free Agents

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This is a list and my take on the 2015 Carolina Panthers free agents. We know the Panthers always say the answer is on the roster so here are the free agents they have to decide on resigning or not in 2015. Keep in mind the Panthers would much rather resign their free agents than go after ones from other teams in most cases. The information on free agents on the 2015 Carolina Panthers comes from Spotrac.com.

2015 Carolina Panthers Free Agents

Greg Hardy

Greg Hardy was suspended for 15 games in 2014 and really hurt the Carolina Panthers. He is by far the most talented free agent the Panthers have but I don’t see the Carolina Panthers trying to resign Greg Hardy.

Byron Bell

A big flop at both offensive tackles Bell will probably be resigned by the team. I have no problem with Byron Bell resigning with the Panthers as a backup. But if the Panthers trot Bell out as a starter again next year I will pull out my hair.

Dwan Edwards

Edwards has been pretty solid for the Carolina Panthers but he is getting up there in years.

Collin Cole

Cole is even older than Dwan Edwards and it may be time to put him out to pasture.

Chase Blackburn

Blackburn is ok but he gets injured a lot and I think his starting days are behind him. Bring him back on the cheap as a backup and special teams guy.

Joe Webb

Webb was a fan favorite in the preseason as a backup quarterback. I do like the fact that Webb can play wide receiver or quarterback and if the price is right I would like the Panthers to bring him back.

Ed Dickson

Dickson was a flop as the 2nd tight end and I think he needs to be gone.

Antoine Cason

Cason has been hot and cold but is in Pro Bowl consideration at the time of this writing. That means he will get too expensive for the Panthers to resign.

Jason Williams

Jason William is a JAG (Just A Guy) that the Panthers can keep or let go and it won’t matter much.

Kevin Matthews

The backup center hasn’t played enough for me to know much about him.

Garry Williams

The Panthers love him but he gets hurt too much for a JAG.

Ben Jacobs

Jacobs is a linebacker who the Panthers should try to develop more if he is cheap.

Fozzy Whittaker

Fozzy was a preseason fan favorite who got hurt when he could have had lots of playing time early in the season. I would like to see Fozzy resigned by the Panthers.

Brian Fokerts

A JAG offensive lineman.

James Dockery

Was released and brought back, I think he will be gone for good next year.

Brenton Bersin

Bersin may be a training camp casualty if the Panthers bring in new wide receivers but he will be resigned by the Carolina Panthers.

David Foucault

Fourcault had a terrible showing trying to replace Byron Bell in one game. If the Panthers want to keep trying to get something out of him that is fine. Its not his fault he was thrown to the wolves.

Chris Scott

A JAG guard but that is the whole offensive line these days.

Kevin Hughes

See Chris Scott

Matt Blanchard

The Panthers thought enough of Blanchard that when he was injured wink, wink they stashed him on IR.

Chris Ogbonnaya

A JAG running back who won’t be resigned.

Mike Remmers

I don’t know much about Remmers other than he is cheap.

De”Andre Pressley

Pressley was recently activated so he may show us what he can do at the end of this season.

Rico Wallace

A JAG wide receiver. 

When will Noah Spence be drafted?

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Noah Spence will declare for the NFL Draft now that his college football career is over. Now the question is where will Noah Spence be drafted in the NFL? What round and at what position? Noah Spence can play defensive end in the 4-3 defense or probably outside linebacker in the 3-4 defense.

The fact that Noah Spence clearly has a drug problem will send up red flags to NFL teams even more now than a year ago. With the public eye on the NFL about domestic violence the league won’t want players giving them a black eye with drug issues either.

I don’t believe Noah Spence should be banned from the NFL or anything and few other people do either. But most NFL teams will hesitate to draft him high for his potential NFL suspensions on drug violations and the public relations hit it will give them.

Based on talent alone Noah Spence is a high second round draft pick in my opinion. But with his off the field issues Noah Spence could slip to the 4th or 5th round. Of course some team who don’t care much about public relations could still draft him high and hope for the best.

I think Noah Spence is best suited to be a pass rushing outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. He has the speed to get to the quarterback and he is a pretty good tackler. He hasn’t really played much which means he will have to be developed but I think he can be very productive at the next level.

2015 Draft Needs in each round for the Carolina Panthers

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This is my opinion on what the draft needs of the Carolina Panthers will be in the 2015 NFL draft. I will list the realistic draft needs of the Carolina Panthers for 2015. I will list the round by round draft needs of the 2015 Carolina Panthers. Feel free to leave a comment heaping praise or insults on me in the section below or on Twitter, @NFLPanthersSB.

2015 Draft Needs of the Carolina Panthers

Round 1

A starting left offensive tackle. The Panthers need a day one left tackle starting type of player. At the very least they should take the best offensive tackle on the board to try to develop. Taking the best player available is for good teams, the Panthers need a left tackle.

Round 2

A starting right offensive tackle or a guard on either side who has a realistic chance of starting very soon. The Carolina Panthers offensive line is the worst in the NFL. Remember when Gettleman drafted Star and Short back to back? He needs to do that on offense now.

Round 3

A defensive end who can get into the rotation right away as a pass rusher and who would have a chance to be a full time starter in a year or two. Maybe hard to find in the 3rd round but that is their next biggest need.

Round 4

A speed wide receiver who can also return punts and kicks. Does not need to be a day one starter but somebody who can contribute as a returner while he develops as a wide receiver.

Round 5

A cornerback who can play special teams while he learns how to play CB in the NFL

Round 6

An outside linebacker who can play special teams and maybe play on defense from time to time as a rookie.

Round 7

Best player available at any position other than quarterback. 

The 5 best quarterbacks who never won a Super Bowl

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These are the top 5 NFL quarterbacks who never won a Super Bowl. I have limited this to just the best quarterbacks from the modern era who could have played In or won a Super Bowl. If you like or hate my list of the best quarterbacks to never win a Super Bowl please leave a comment below.

1 Dan Marino

Dan Marino is the most gifted quarterback I ever saw play. He was not very smart but man could he throw a football. Marino was a record setting quarterback for the Dolphins but lost in his only Super Bowl appearance. Marino threw for 61,361 yards and 420 touchdown passes and is in the NFL Hall of Fame.

2 Warren Moon

Warren Moon is the best quarterback to ever play in the Canadian Football League and one of the best to ever play in the NFL. Moon threw for 49,325 yards and 291 touchdown passes in his NFL career. Warren Moon never made it to the Super Bowl but he Is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

3 Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly got a lot of grief for losing four Super Bowls, but you have to be pretty good to even go to four Super Bowls. Jim Kelly may be the most underrated quarterback in NFL history and is certainly one of the best quarterbacks who never won a Super Bowl.

4 Dan Fouts

Some say Dan Fouts was a system quarterback who prospered because of Don Coryell’s offense. Well that is somewhat truthful but Dan Fouts was one of the best quarterbacks to never win a Super Bowl.

5 Fran Tarkenton

Fran Tarkenton is like Jim Kelly in losing multiple (3) Super Bowls so being discounted to a degree in discussions of the best ever. But Tarkenton set most of the records that Dan Marino broke and is one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks ever. 

RG III is a Bust

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Robert Griffin III has been benched by the Washington Redskins in a move we could all see coming. RGIII is fast approaching bust status. As a matter of fact RGIII IS a bust and I don’t know if he will ever be a NFL starting quarterback again.

When a team like the Redskins benches a quarterback that cost them so much then you can bet that Robert Griffin is pretty hopeless. Former Redskins tight end Chris Cooley says RG3 is gun shy and won’t allow his teammates to get better.

You do wonder how Robert Griffins career may have went if he hadn’t been injured. He clearly had some talent but either the injury slowed him down too much or it’s messed with his mojo. But his diva character makes you wonder about his work ethic and ability to improve.

Recently Steve Young reported that RG3 is not putting in the work needed to get better. It is possible that the benching by the Redskins will jump start Griffin and get him to work harder just to prove people like me wrong about him. 

Thanksgiving Preview Bears at the Lions

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This is a Thanksgiving Day 2014 Preview of the Chicago Bears of the Detroit Lions. And if you are wondering why the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys play every Thanksgiving day click this link.

This should be a good Thanksgiving Day game between the Bears and Lions. The Bears have won two straight games and seem to be getting better. The Lions started off hot and then lost two in a row.

The Detroit Lions get to welcome Reggie Bush back for the Bears game on Thanksgiving game. Maybe Reggie Bush can spark a Lions run game that ranks 30th in the NFL. Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate for quite a nice wide receiver duo. Matthew Stafford has been decent but not great this year. Despite the lack of a run game the Lions lead their opponents this season in time of possession.

That could be due to the great Detroit Lions defense that will try to make stuffed turkey out of Jay Cutler on Thanksgiving Day. The Lions defense leads the NFL in points allowed per game, 3rd in total yards allowed, 10 in passing yards and 1st in run yards.

The Bears bring a couple of good wide receivers of their own to the Thanksgiving game against the Lions. Alshon Jeffrey and Brandon Marshall can hang with anyone in the NFL. Matt Forte is a great running back but he will have his hands full the Suh and the Lions defense.

The Bears defense is good against the run so I expect the Lions to air it out to take advantage of the Bears subpar pass defense. Look for Chicago to at least try to run the ball to keep Matt Stafford off the field. I predict that the Lions will beat the Bears on Thanksgiving Day by the score of 23 to 17. If you want to read all my week 13 NFL game predictions please click here. 

WFNZ Street Turkey's is back!

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WFNZ is doing their annual “Street Turkeys” event that helps The Second Harvest Food Bank as well as Loaves and Fishes. The WFNX Street Turkeys event will be this Wednesday from 6 am to 7 pm at the WFNZ Doghouse at 401 Morehead Street in Charlotte.

I have been a fan of the WFNZ Street Turkeys event for years. It combines my favorite radio station with giving back to the community. The station is asking for donations of canned goods, turkeys and money.

Most of us are looking forward to sitting down and watching some football and having a great Thanksgiving Feast this week. Imagine what it would be like to be going hungry not just on Thanksgiving but potentially every day.

Guys just think how you would feel if you didn’t know where the next meal for your kids is coming from. So head on out to the WFNZ Doghouse tomorrow (Day before Thanksgiving) and donate what you can.