Top 5 NBA Players from the University of North Carolina

Thanks for checking out my list of the top five NBA players from the University of North Carolina. We all know that UNC has been a college basketball powerhouse for many years, and has produced some fine NBA players. As a UNC fan for all my life (44 years so far) and a native North Carolinian, I feel qualified to write this article.

This list is of the greatest NBA players who attended UNC. Perhaps a player wasn't thought to be as good in college then flourished in the pros. So my list of the top five NBA players from UNC is based on their pro performance.

No 5. Brad Daugherty

I have Brad Daugherty listed as the fifth best NBA player out of UNC, but I could be a little biased. Daugherty was my favorite UNC player of all time. But I feel he deserves to be listed. Daugherty was a scorer and averaged 19 points per game in his NBA career. Despite being 7 feet tall he wasn't much of a rebounder or shot blocker however. On a side note Daugherty is from the same town as NFL quarterback Brad Johnson. And Johnson was more known to NC natives as a basketball player in high school.

No 4. Bob McAdoo

Bob McAdoo was a Basketball Hall of Famer who played from 1972 to 1986. McAdoo averaged 22.1 points per game and had three seasons where he averaged over 30 per game. I loved McAdoo because he went from a top dog type player to a key backup for the Lakers and didn't complain and helped his team win big time.

No 3. James Worthy

James Worthy was kind of rare as he spent his entire NBA career with one team, the Los Angeles Lakers. Worthy was overshadowed at times on that star studded team but he was a very good player for them. James Worthy was solid for his entire career and earns a spot on my top five NBA players from UNC list.

No 2. Billy Cunningham

Billy Cunningham ranks 2nd on my list of the best NBA players from the University of North Carolina. Cunningham even played two seasons with the Carolina Cougars of the ABA between stints with Philadelphia in the NBA. Cunningham averaged 20.8 points and 4 assists per game in his NBA career. Cunningham went on to a successful career as a coach and television commentator as well.

No 1. Michael Jordan

Of course Michael Jordan is the greatest NBA player that the University of North Carolina ever produced. Since most consider Jordan the best player period. Michael Jordan was the most dynamic NBA player I have ever seen and now has joined Panthers owner Jerry Richardson as the only major sport team owners who are former players.

Some great North Carolina Golf Courses


North Carolina has a wide range of golf courses to choose from. Our mild winters make for good golfing weather, when in other states it's too cold to enjoy outside activities. And summers are not too hot to be outside playing a round. I will list some of our better North Carolina golf courses and their information.


Rock Barn Golf and Spa


 Conover North Carolina, near Hickory this is my personal favorite, in part because it's a couple of miles from my house. You have close access to Interstates 40 and 77 as well as the Hickory Airport. They are home to "The Greater Hickory Classic" each year, a annual event. 2007 will have $1.6 million purse and will take place September 10-16, 2007. They have a Tom Jackson course and a Robert Trent Jones Jr. Course. They also have a spa and an equestrian center. The 18 hole Tom Jackson course has 6,500 yards of golf, and was designed by Russell F. Breedon and opened in 1976. The Robert Trent Jones Jr. Course has won numerous awards and has been ranked 19th in the state by North Carolina Magazine.


Highland Creek Golf Club


 7001 Highland Creek Parkway Charlotte, North Carolina 28269 (704) 875-9000. 18-hole championship course, designed by Clifton, Ezell, and Clifton. The course is over 7,000 yards from the back tees and features Bent grass greens, Bermuda fairways, four sets of tees measuring from 5080 to over 7000 yards, 4 tee boxes per hole, 72 bunkers, 5 lakes, and water features on 13 holes.


Etowah Valley Country Club&Golf


 This course is located in Hendersonville North Carolina, near Ashville in the western mountainous part of the state. They offer 3 nine hole courses with 4 tee positions. You can get a lodging-golf package as well. A 27 hole championship course, 3 putting greens, a driving range, 3 clay tennis courts, and many other things are available.


Sequoyah National Golf Club


Want to get in a great game of golf while visiting Cherokee North Carolina? Then Sequoyah is the place for you. This is a nice scenic course designed by Robert Trent Jones ll.  




 Pinehurst Resort, 1 Carolina Vista Drive, Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina 28374. They have been around for over 100 years! 8 golf courses, and a number of different packages can be bought. They have won too many awards to mention here but the list is on their site. There is even a Pinehurst Golf Academy.


 These are just a few of the great North Carolina Golf Courses to be found. Come and enjoy a relaxing game or 10 in our fine state. Thanks for reading this article on



Top 5 NFL Quarterbacks who won the Heisman

Getty Images

This my list of the top five NFL quarterbacks who won the Heisman. As you may know Heisman winning college quarterbacks are often NFL draft busts. But some Heisman winning quarterbacks did go on to have great NFL careers. Read on to see who in my opinion are the top five Heisman winning NFL quarterbacks of all time. Feel free to leave a comment below if you like or dislike the article.






 No 5. Cam Newton


 Cam Newton exploded as a rookie shattering all kinds of NFL records. Great mobility and arm strength are his biggest talents. Only more years in the league keeps him from ranking higher on my best NFL quarterbacks who won the Heisman list.


 No 4. Carson Palmer


 I rank Carson Palmer as the fourth best NFL quarterback who won the Heisman in college. Palmer followed up a stellar college career at USC with a pretty good NFL career. At the time of this writing Palmer is the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals after being with the Bengals.


No 3. Vinny Testaverde


 Vinny Testaverde battled the bust label after winning the Heisman at Miami and being drafted by Tampa Bay. Then Vinny Testaverde matured into a very solid NFL quarterback, playing in all or parts of 21 seasons! Vinny Testaverde ended up with over 46,000 passing yards and 275 touchdown passes.


 No 2. Jim Plunkett


 Plunkett too was thought to be a bust when things didn't work out with the New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers after he won the Heisman at Stanford. Then Jim Plunkett was in the right place at the right time when Dan Pastorini broke his leg with the Raiders. Plunkett stepped in and led the Raiders to the Super Bowl. Later Plunkett replaced injured Marc Wilson and helped the Raiders win a 2nd Super Bowl. Plunkett and Staubach are the only NFL quarterbacks to win a Super Bowl MVP and the HeismanTrophy.


 No 1. Roger Staubach


 Roger Staubach is the best NFL quarterback who won the Heisman in college. Following a great career at Navy Staubach honored his military commitment before joining the Dallas Cowboys. After finally beating out Craig Morton, Roger had a Hall of Fame NFL

Venomous Snakes in North Carolina

Photo by Jeff Kubina Wikimedia Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Thanks for checking out my article on venomous snakes in North Carolina. Yes this is a sports blog but its mostly directed at Carolina Panthers fans. Since most Panthers fans live in North Carolina and enjoy the outdoors, I thought this may be of interest.


North Carolina has plenty of outdoor fun during the spring and summer months, but with the fun comes snakes. However we only have 6 different breeds of venomous snakes in North Carolina. I will list the ones that are venomous and a little about each one. I will also provide tips for avoiding them, and what to do if you ARE bitten.



 The Copperhead is probably the most common venomous snake in North Carolina, thus the more likely to bite you. However the Copperhead's venom is relatively mild and a human death from their bites are rare. They are called Copperheads due to the copper color of their heads. The body is usually tan colored but can have a pinkish tint. They have dark bands usually hour glass shaped on them. Baby Copperheads have a yellow tip on their tails. They will live just about anywhere in North Carolina. They like to be near streams but will be found in many different types of habitats. My daughter was bitten by one a few years ago as a child and only spent a couple of hours in the hospital.


Canebrake Rattlesnake


 The Canebrake Rattlesnake is pinkish to tan in color. It has brown to black blotches on the body. It has a stripe down it's back and one from the jaw to the eye. They like to live in forests and sometimes swampy areas and of course cane fields.


Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake


 This is the biggest venomous snake found in North America, much less North Carolina. Some 8 feet long have been captured. They tend to feed on larger mammals than most snakes, such as squirrels. They like to live in pine forests and brushy fields near forests.




 The Cottonmouth can and will kill you! It has a very venomous bite, though like most snakes it will flee if it can. They are usually brown in the body and are named from the white on the inside of the mouth. It has a visible stripe on the side of its head. If you are looking straight down at one, you can't see its eyes, they don't protrude. Many harmless water snakes are confused with the Cottonmouth. They swim with their head stuck out of the water. They are found in swamps, rivers, lakes and even ditches in Eastern North Carolina.


Pigmy Rattlesnake


 These are very small rattlesnakes; the adults seldom grow over 18 inches. They are so small that their rattle can barely be heard. They are small but are scrappers, they will bite more quickly than most snakes. But they inject a very small amount of venom, and are seldom if ever deadly to humans. They like to live in longleaf pine or scrub oak forests.


 All of the above snakes are pit vipers, named because of the pits on their heads, near the nostrils. They all have long hollow fangs that fold back in their mouths. They also have a triangular shaped head.


The Eastern Coral Snake


 The only venomous snake in North Carolina that is not a pit viper. They do not have the distinctive triangular shaped head of the other poisonous snakes in NC. They are related to cobras. They are very unlikely to bite unless bothered. They live in the sand hills of South Eastern North Carolina, and spend most of their time underground. There are many snakes that look similar to the Coral Snake. But the venomous version always has red bands next to yellow ones. The old saying is "Red and Yellow, kill a fellow" These are highly toxic but very rarely found.


Avoiding Snakes


 Around the home, cut the grass short and keep debris up out of the yard. Most snakes love to hide under piles of wood, or even bricks or brush that has been cut. They also will get under houses and in or under storage buildings. If a old building has rats, there is every change is has snakes!


 While enjoying outdoor activities be aware of your surroundings. Know the types of venomous snakes in your area, and know where they like to be. Watch carefully before taking a step on a trail. Also be aware of overhanging tree limbs that may have a snake on them. Avoid walking around at night in the woods, as a lot of snakes hunt at night.


If Bitten


 According to The Carolina's Poison Center, if you are bitten by a snake, this is what to do. If it's a non venomous snake, wash the bite area with warm soapy water, and possibly get a tetanus shot.


 If you ARE bitten by a venomous snake, stay calm first of all. Try to identify the snake by coloring, markings and shape of the head. Make a note of what it looks like to tell the Emergency Room Doctors. It is not recommended that you kill the snake, as it may bite again when you try. (Authors note- if you DO kill it, bring it to the ER with you- but remember a dead snake can bite from reflex) Dial 911 or the Carolina's Poison Control Center for advice before attempting first aid. Keep the victim in one position, flat on the back is best, keep the bitten limb at an even level with the rest of the body.


 Do NOT try to suck the venom out or cut the wound, that does not really work. Do not use a tourniquet or pack the wound in ice.


Black Snakes


 There is a rumor that black snakes mate with copperheads and produce venomous black snakes. I can find nothing supporting this, and it's kind of dumb. So don't go killing black snakes! They are good to have around; they kill rodents and compete for food with venomous snakes. They are usually better hunters than copperheads, so a copperhead will leave an area with blacksnakes, so they can find prey easier

A history of African American Quarterbacks in the NFL

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Modern football fans may only have a bare inkling in the history of African American Quarterbacks in the NFL. And the crap they had to go through just to play their natural position. I will attempt to shed some light on the subject and try to explain it though certainly not defend it


 The racist thinking by many of those in charge was geared this way. African Americans were faster and stronger than their white counterparts but also dumber. The supposed lack of intelligence was just another way to keep them in their "place". African Americans had only grudgingly been allowed into the NFL anyway, not too many years before.


 There is no substitute for winning and white only teams tended to get their asses kicked by progressive coaches willing to play African Americans. So yeah every team wanted the best athletes they could get so they could win.


 But the quarterback position was sacred to the old coaches who were really still bigoted. I wonder how many Warren Moon's or Doug Williams' got turned into defensive backs or wide receivers? That was the rule of the day for many years. Successful black signal callers on the college level were switched to another position if they wanted to play pro football. Though that happened to white quarterbacks as well at times. The New England Patriots wanted Rich Gannon to play safety for example. And Eric Crouch a noted college quarterback retired rather than switch positions in the pro ranks. Warren Moon played football in Canada to avoid either a position change or sitting the bench with no chance to play. After he proved himself in the far North, NFL teams got into a bidding war for his services. Many others such as Bernie Custis did the same in the 50's and 60's as Canadian teams would allow them to play quarterback.


 Willie Thrower (great name for a signal caller) is credited by many as being the first modern African American Quarterback to take a NFL snap. He was a backup for the Chicago Bears in a 1953 game against the 49ers.


 In 1968 Marlin Briscoe became the first modern African American Quarterback to start a game for Denver. This was despite being switched to defensive back early in that (his rookie) season.


 James Harris was a very strong armed quarterback who showed lots of promise with the Rams and Chargers but he never really worked out. Joe Gilliam almost (and probably should have) beat out Terry Bradshaw for the top spot in Pittsburg before the Super Bowl years. Gilliam never really got a chance and later drug problems tarnished what bit of a career he did have.


 Doug Williams showed some promise in Tampa Bay but really blossomed under Joe Gibbs with the Washington Redskins. He was the first African American Quarterback to win a Super Bowl Ring as a starter. He did wonders for running the racist stereotype that Blacks were too dumb to run an offense. He mastered Joe Gibbs complex offense and he was more of a traditional drop back passer by this point in his career.


 Randal Cunningham burst on the scene with the Eagles as a predecessor to Michael Vick. A running quarterback with a cannon arm, whose passes may go anywhere. Moon, Williams and later Byron Leftwich had success as drop back passers. Cunningham did improve as a passer and was very accomplished in the later stages of his career in Minnesota


Donovan McNabb is kind of a cross between Vick and Moon. He does not run as well as Vick or pass as well as Moon. But he is a very good (when he is hot) passing/running quarterback. In his younger years he was fast and got his rushing yards that way. Now he often uses smarts and brute strength to pick up a first down on the ground.


 Michael Vick and Vince Young were/are gifted runners but only average in the passing game. I don't think Vicks legal problems and Young's mental problems will hurt the chances of African American Quarterbacks now days.


 I do think traditional drop back passers in the mold of David Garrard and Byron Leftwich will get more opportunities. The NFL needs guys who are just mobile enough to evade pressure. But also good enough passers that they won't have a run first mentality and get injured.


 But McNabb, Young and the others owe the old timers a lot for all the crap they went through to prove they could play their position in the NFL. Because of the sacrifices of the earlier generation they have the opportunity to play in the league


And in turn newer guys like Cam Newton, RG3 and Collin Kaepernick owe Vick something. Cam Newton and the other changed the game again with mobile quarterbacks who can make all the throws.

Top 10 NFL Running Backs of all time

1- Jim Brown was the best of all time hands down. He only played 9 seasons for the Cleveland Browns, but set records it took a long time to break. He did all this in less games per season than today's superstars play in. He had 2,359 rushes for 12,312 yards, 106 tds and an amazing 5.2 yard per rush average. Added 262 receptions for 20 touchdowns. All the while the defenses of other teams were keying on him to stop him. His strength and quickness were both great weapons to use against opposing teams.


2- Walter Payton- In 13 seasons Walter Payton did wonderful things for the Chicago Bears. He could run, block, catch and throw. He was probably best known for keeping his legs moving and breaking loose when he appeared to be tackled. They called him Sweetness and we lost him way too soon when he died. He had 3,838 rushes for 16,726 yards, 110 tds and a 4.4 average per carry. He added 492 receptions for 4,538 yards and 15 TDs. All this while playing on some really bad Bears teams most of his career


3- Emmitt Smith- For 15 years he played for Dallas and Arizona he was the best goal line back ever in my opinion. I only ranked him 3rd because he had better offensive lines most of his career than Payton and Brown. In 226 games he rushed for 18.355 yards on 4,409 carries, 164 tds and a 4.2 average. He added 515 catches for 3,224 yards and 11 tds. I also think he was the best pass blocking tailback of all time.


4- Barry Sanders- In only 10 seasons he became the most dangerous big play threat in NFL history. He ran 3,062 times for 15,269 yards.99 tds and a 5.0 average. He added 352 catches for 2,921 yards and 10 tds.


5 Adrian Peterson- Peterson is a man's man of running backs with much power and speed. In a pass happy era Adrian Peterson has proved to be one of the best NFL running backs of all time. At the time of this writing, he has 10,115 yards and 86 rushing touchdowns in just seven seasons


6 Earl Campbell- Ive never seen such a big man run so fast. He was used up by Bum Phillips with the Oilers and Saints or he would have had a longer more productive career. In 9 seasons he had 2,187 attempts for 9,407 yards, 74 tds and a 4.3 average. He added 121 catches for 806 yards with no tds.


7- Tony Dorsett- Had the longest run in NFL History with a 99 yarder for Dallas against the Vikings with only 10 men on the field for the "Boys" He was pure speed and the only player I ever saw run down Darrell Green of the Redskins from behind. In 12 seasons in Dallas and Denver he rushed 2,936 times for 12,739 yards, 77 tds and a 4.3 average. He added 398 catches for 3,554 yards and 13 tds.


8- OJ Simpson- Now known for some bad things but he was a great RB, and the first to break the 2,000 yard mark for a season. In 11 seasons with the Bills and 49ers he ran 2,404 times for 11,236 yards, 61 tds and a very good 4.7 averages. Added 203 catches for 2,142 yards and 14 tds.


9- Eric Dickerson- Maybe best known for wearing every kind of protective device or pad known to man. Part of SMU's famed Pony Express Backfield with Craig James in college he took the NFL by storm. In 12 seasons with the Rams, Colts, Raiders and Falcons he ran 2,996 times for 13,259 yards and 90 tds for a 4.4 average. Added 281 catches for 2,137 yards and 6 touchdowns.


10- Marcus Allen- Like Water Payton he could run, catch and throw. In 16 seasons with the Raiders and Chiefs, he ran 3,022 times for 12,243 yards, 123 tds and a 4.1 average. He added 587 receptions for 5,411 yards and 21 touchdowns.

Should Cam Newton have had his ankle surgery sooner?

According to and the Charlotte Observer, Cam Newton is still not recovered from ankle surgery. It makes me wonder if Newton should have had his angle surgery right after last season instead of waiting, Newton had surgery to tighten ankle ligaments back in March.


Perhaps Newton and the team wanted to avoid ankle surgery at all and waited hoping the injury would heal on its own. But with a new receiving unit and a bad offensive line I think Cam should have had the surgery as soon as possible.


Newton needs time to get acclimated to his wide receivers and they to him. And with that bad offensive line he needs to have all the mobility he can muster to get away from the defense.


There was some talk that his offseason schooling at Auburn might be more important to Cam Newton than having surgery and preparing for next season. I won't go that far but it sure would be nice to have a healthy Cam Newton in training camp this summer.


But the thing now is to GET Newton healthy so he can go through the season with no issues with the ankle. Cam has had issues with the ankle for some time and a really healthy Cam Newton is a nice thing to have for the Carolina Panthers in the NFC South this year.

The Top 5 Tight Ends in Dallas Cowboys history

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

This is a list of the greatest tight ends in Dallas Cowboys history; Some teams just seem to always have a special player at a certain position like Steeler linebackers, well Dallas always seems to have a great tight end on their roster. If you like my article about the best Dallas Cowboys tight ends ever then check below for more Dallas Cowboys articles.

 As a kid I was a huge fan of America's Team and loved them until the day Tom Landry was fired. I thought Landry needed to go but didn't like the way it was handled by Jerry Jones. I am not a Cowboys fan anymore but still find myself pulling for them when they don't play my favorite team. At stats for this article about the best Dallas Cowboys tight ends ever, come from


No.1. Jason Witten


 Jason Witten is the best tight end in the history of the Dallas Cowboys. He is also the only active (at the time of this writing) player on the list. Witten is a great player in against the zone and as a bailout for the Dallas Cowboys. Witten isn't much of a blocker but that improved over his career. Witten played on some bad teams with not so great quarterbacks for a good part of his career. At this time Witten has 879 receptions for 9,799 yards and 52 touchdown receptions.


No.2. Doug Cosbie


 I think Doug Cosbie is the 2nd best tight end the Dallas Cowboys ever had. He had a better average per catch than Jay Novacek and was a better blocker. Doug Cosbie also played with less successful teams and with Danny White as his principal quarterback rather than Aikman.


No.3. Jay Novacek


 Of course the fact that Jay Novacek was on a team with such weapons no doubt cut into his stats. Novacek wasn't much of a blocker but played more like a wide receiver lined up at tight end. His career numbers include time with the Cardinals but with Dallas Jay Novacek caught 339 passes for 3,576 yards and 22 touchdowns.


No.4. Billy Joe Dupree


 Billy Joe Dupree is one of my favorite Dallas Cowboys of all time and belongs in their top five tight ends list. Dupree played taller than his 6.4 inches and looked like a big tree out there. In 159 games Billy Joe Dupree caught 267 passes for 3,565 yards and had 41 touchdown receptions. No Dallas Cowboy tight end other thanWitten caught more touchdown passes than Billy Joe Dupree.


No.5. Mike Ditka


 Ditka had pretty much shot his wad before he joined the Dallas Cowboys. But he still had 72 receptions for 924 yards and five touchdowns as a Dallas Cowboy tight end. As you can see in this article on Yahoo, I put him on my top five tight ends of all time list.

The 5 best NFL Cornerbacks of all time

Getty Images

Who are the best cornerbacks in NFL history? Well that is a tough question but I will put my two cents worth in here. I will list my opinion on the top 5 cornerbacks in NFL history and give my reasons.

 Cornerback is a hard position to judge unless you have seen them play. Did a player get a huge number of interceptions because he was great? Or did he get those interceptions because he gave lots of big plays up so quarterbacks threw at him constantly?


 To me the best cornerbacks in NFL history were the ones nobody wanted to challenge much. So my list of the top 5 cornerbacks may not read like the list of NFL interception leaders. Feel free to heap praise or insults upon me in the comments at the end of this article. Click my profile to see more articles about the greatest players and coaches in NFL history. Any stats used for my list of the best NFL cornerbacks of all time come from


1. Deion Sanders- Atlanta, San Francisco, Dallas, Washington and Baltimore (Ravens)


 Deion Sanders was the best cornerback in NFL history. Quarterbacks feared to throw in his area so his interception numbers were not the best ever. He did manage to intercept 53 passes for 1,331 yards and 9 touchdowns. Amazingly Deion Sanders retired in 2000 and came back to play in 2004 and 2005 and played well. Sanders was so good that he often let receivers get open, and then closed the gap for the interception when the QB threw the ball. Deion Sanders also played wide receiver from time to time and was an excellent kick and punt returner. Deion Sanders was the best cornerback of all time.


2. Rod Woodson- Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Baltimore and Oakland


 Rod Woodson is also made my best football players of all list as you can read here. He played a lot of years as safety but I still consider Rod Woodson to be a top 5 cornerback. Woodson intercepted 71 passes for almost 1,500 yards and added 12 touchdowns. Woodson was versatile and could play the run much better than the tackle shy Deion Sanders.


3. Mike Haynes- New England and Oakland


 Mike Haynes is a case in point about lower interception totals not meaning a person is a bad cornerback. If somebody wants to argue that Mike Haynes is the best cornerback to ever play, I won't dispute it much. Haynes struck fear into opposing offenses and he truly kept his side of the field clean of passes caught. Mike Haynes only intercepted 48 passes in his NFL career but that was because he was seldom tested.


4. Mel Blount- Pittsburgh Steelers


 When you see today's wide receivers running downfield untouched, you can thank Mel Blount. The NFL changed the way pass defense is played because Mel Blount was so devastating at man to man coverage. In the early days of Mel Blount's career a defensive back could hit a wide receiver anywhere on the field until the ball was in the air. Blount was such a skilled thug that the rules were changed to negate him and to get more scoring in NFL games.


5 Darrelle Revis- New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patriots


Revis makes my list of the top 5 NFL cornerbacks of all time and is the only active player at the time of this writing. Revis is one of those nobody liked to throw at much when he was in his prime before a knee injury. A five time pro bowler and three time first team all pro, Revis thrived in a modern pass happy NFL. At this time Revis has 21 interceptions, 3 of which he returned for touchdowns.

Top 5 Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks Ever

This is my list of the top five Green Bay Packers quarterbacks of all time. With a franchise as old as the Packers, that covers a lot of players. I like to consider Championships when deciding who is a great NFL quarterback but it is hardly the only factor. The touchdown/interception ration and pass completion percentage is important to me as well.






 When making my list of the top five Green Bay Packer quarterbacks of all time, I had to consider passing rules. Old school quarterbacks had to content with defensive backs mugging their receivers. Current NFL quarterbacks have the advantage of much more relaxed passing rules. Feel free to comment below on my list of the top five Green Bay Packer quarterbacks list.


 No 5. Lynn Dickey


 Lynn Dickey threw the ball all over the yard for the Green Bay Packers and was blessed with John Jefferson and James Lofton. Dickey still threw more interceptions than touchdowns but put up over 21,000 passing yards in Green Bay, making him one of the best quarterbacks the Packers ever had.


 No 4. Arnie Herber


 Herber was more of a running back who threw than a traditional quarterback like we see today. Herber was a Green Bay native who excelled at throwing long passes to Don Hudson. Arnie Herber is a Hall of Fame player who at only 5ft 11 still managed to play at such a high level.


 No 3. Aaron Rogers


 I struggled with this portion of my top five Green Bay Packers quarterbacks of all time list. At the time of this writing Aaron Rogers is still active and has a Super Bowl win. It could easily be argued that Rogers is the 2nd best or even best Packer quarterback ever. Right now I have him at number 3 but am very impressed with his 188 to 52 touchdown pass to interception rating.


 No 2. Brett Favre


 Let the insults begin! Yes I have Brett Favre listed behind Bart Starr on my list of the top five Green Bay Packers quarterbacks of all time. Brett Favre put up huge Hall of Fame Numbers as a Packer but he only won one Super Bowl. Favre also threw too many interceptions in big games trying to make something happen.


 No 1. Bart Starr


 Bart Starr was the best Packer quarterback of all time in my opinion. Calling his own plays he was the glue that held Lombardi's Packers together for all those Championships and two Super Bowls. In an age of strict pass defense and lots of running of the ball, Starr was a great passer and even better field general. His quarterback sneak over Jerry Kramer in the "Ice Bowl" is one of the most memorable plays in NFL history