Poll Should Peyton Manning play one more year?

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This a poll asking if Peyton Manning should return for one more year. Peyton Manning is probably the best regular season quarterback in NFL history but he has “only” one Super Bowl win. John Elway hired his former backup quarterback Gary Kubiack to be the new Broncos coach and that may weigh in Manning’s decision to come back.

Peyton Manning was injured during the last weeks of the season and he played badly. He looked rubber armed in the playoffs loss and you have to wonder if he just got old. If Peyton Manning can regain his early season form I think he should come back for another season.

If the Peyton Manning we saw at the end of the season is what he is now, then he needs to retire in my opinion. The challenge of designing a new offense with Kubiack may fire Peyton Manning up to come back. Of course the draft and free agent moves of the Broncos will probably determine whether or not Peyton Manning retires as well.

Marty Hurney calls out the Patriots for cheating

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Marty Hurney recently called out the New England Patriots for their “culture of cheating”. Hurney the former General Manager of the Carolina Panthers mentioned the Patriots cheating on his radio show on ESPN 730 in Charlotte.

See the entire piece on Marty Hurney calling the Patriots out for cheating in this ESPN article. Among other things Marty Hurney had this to say "There isn't a day that goes by since [then] that I haven't questioned ... that there were some things done that might have been beyond the rules that may have given them a three-point advantage,'

I applaud Marty Hurney for standing up for the Carolina Panthers. Hurney was hated by many Panthers fans by the time he was fired but I got to give him some props. Marty Hurney said about the Patriots the things most of us Carolina Panthers fans think about them and don’t have the platform to voice the opinion. As you can see here former Patriot linebacker Tedy Bruschi took offense to Marty Hurney calling out the spygaters and made some cracks about the Panthers Super Bowl team. 

Tedy Bruschi busts on the Panthers Super Bowl Team

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Former New England Patriots linebacker and current ESPN guy Tedy Bruschi decided to take some shots at the Panthers Super Bowl team. Get the full story here at Profootballtalk.com, written by my old classmate Darin Gantt.

Former Carolina Panthers General Manager Marty Hurney mentioned a culture of cheating with the Patriots. Bruschi was offended and adamantly said the Panthers were outcoached and outplayed. They were not outcoached and outplayed by much as you can see here.

The way Tedy Bruschi busted on the Panthers Super Bowl team you would have thought that the Patriots won in a blowout. I used to like Bruschi despite him being a Patriots homer but he has gone too far this time. I was actually pulling for the Patriots to win the Super Bowl but I hope the Seahawks beat them now, The Patriots leave themselves open to cheating accusations because they have been guilty of it in the past. To pretend otherwise is laughable to me.

Do I have some sour grapes because the Patriots beat my Panthers in the Super Bowl? Sure I do but I am a big enough fan of the NFL to appreciate all those New England teams accomplished, if they hadn’t done it under the cloud of Spygate. 

Patriots have to earn the right to be innocent in court of public opinion

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Like it or not the New England Patriots do not get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to cheating. Patriots fan lament that Spygate won’t die but it shouldn’t die. The Patriots cheated and won multiple Super Bowls.

Now that the question of deflating footballs has come up the Patriots don’t get the benefit of the doubt from the majority of NFL fans. I firmly believe other NFL teams probably deflate footballs to help their quarterbacks get a better grip. Since the Patriots already have one cheating scandal they will be branded guilty by many people because of their past.

Many New England Patriots fans hate the fact that people say the Patriots cheat. Well sports fans take shots at each other, it’s what we do. The Patriots have to earn the right to be innocent until proven guilty in the court of public opinion.

For the record I am actually probably going to pull for the Patriots in the Super Bowl. I also believe deflated footballs had little to do with the outcome of the Colts game where the Patriots outclassed them in every way. 

Kobe Bryant to have surgery possibly out for season

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Kobe Bryant will have surgery on a torn rotator cuff and will probably miss the rest of the season. Kobe Bryant will have the surgery on Wednesday after suffering the shoulder injury last Wednesday in the Pelicans/Lakers game,

Kobe Bryant is currently 10th in the NBA at point per game with 22..3 in what has been a disappointing season for the Los Angeles Lakers. Officially a timetable for Kobe Bryant’s return will be announced after his surgery.

You have to wonder if Kobe Bryant will be a Laker next year or even if he might retire. He has missed significant time to injury in recent years. The body can only take so much but Kobe Bryant is such a competitor that he will probably have to be pushed out rather than retire on his own.

Poll should the NFL fire Roger Goodell?

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This is a fan poll asking If it’s time for Roger Goodell to be fired by the NFL. I was talking via Twitter earlier with Mr. Antwan V. Staley, @blackredsoxfan from Proplayerinsiders.com about Goodell earlier today. Staley knows his football and I value his opinion on the NFL. 

We were talking about how the NFL seems to never be in any controversy under former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue. Now that Roger Goodell is in charge it seems like something new comes up each week to give the NFL a public relations nightmare.

Of course the domestic violence issues, deflategate and Marshawn Lynch’s crotchgrabgate would probably have happened under Tagliabue as well. I just think the issues would have been handled better, especially the Ray Rice situation.

The NFL under Goodell seems to be too cocky. The league knows it’s the top dog in sports and acts lke no matter what happens, people will still watch the sport. They are probably right but when incident after incident comes up that sheds the NFL in a bad light AND play on the field suffers from new rules that can be a problem. Is it time for the NFL to get rid of Roger Goodell? Please vote and feel free to leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter, @NFLPanthersSB.

Tim Tebow should have gone to Canada to play

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Tim Tebow should have gone to the Canadian Football League after it was clear no NFL teams were interested in him. The CFL would have fallen all over themselves to sign Tim Tebow and to try to coach him up because of the publicity it would have brought them.

If Tim Tebow had gone to the CFL he would have had a chance to get a little better at quarterback and try to work his way back into the NFL. Of course the CFL may not have been a great fit for Tim Tebow because they run less and pass more, but that is what Tim Tebow needed to work on.

Even playing in the Arena League would have helped Tebow develop his passing skills. Kurt Warner, Jake Delhomme and Joe Theismann were notable quarterbacks who developed in other leagues. Warren Moon did too but that was racial and not a skills question.

Tim Tebow stuck to his guns though saying he wanted to be a NFL quarterback or not play. Tebow wouldn’t switch positions or consider playing in the CFL or Arena League. It is a shame though that Tebow didn’t go to the CFL and work on his game to try to get back to the NFL. 

Pete Carroll is an underrated football coach

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Pete Carroll may be one of the most underrated football coaches in history. You never hear Pete Carroll’s name mentioned with the great coaches of today much less with the ones from the past. I don’t like Carroll or the Seahawks but I do feel he does not get the respect he deserves from fan and media.

Pete Carroll went from NFL coaching to the college ranks and back to the NFL, due in part to escape sanctions at USC. But Pete Carroll was very successful at USC and now has won a Super Bowl in the NFL and has the Seahawks going back to play in another one a year later.

Pete Carroll coached 9 seasons at USC and went to 9 bowl games, winning two of them. USC had a very dominating college football team under Pete Carroll, going 97-19 (after the NCAA took some of their wins). USC won one National Championship under Pete Carroll and lost in another Championship Game.

When Pete Carroll returned to the NFL it was with the Seahawks after previously coaching the Jets and Patriots. Pete Carroll has gone 50 and 30 in Seattle with a Super Bowl win and the return this season. Pete’s overall NFL coaching record is 83 and 61. 

Poll would Greg Hardy have made a difference in the playoffs for the Panthers?

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This is a poll asking if Greg Hardy would have made a difference in the Carolina Panthers playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks. At first glance one defensive end may not have helped the Carolina Panthers in a 31 to 17 loss to the Seahawks.

Greg Hardy however would have helped the Panthers in the playoffs in my opinion. The Panthers lost to Seattle in the playoffs because of the 3 turnovers by Cam Newton. But the Panthers defense kept them in the game deep into the 2nd half.

Marshawn Lynch was held to 59 yards by the Carolina Panthers but Russell Wilson carved them up with surgical throws. Wilson completed 15 of 22 passes against the Panthers for 268 yards, 3 touchdowns and no interceptions.

The Panthers did manage to pressure Wilson at times and got two sacks in the playoff loss. I feel Greg Hardy would have possibly caused a momentum changing play for the Panthers against the Seahawks. Maybe the Panthers would not have beaten Seattle with Greg Hardy but the game would have been closer.