San Francisco 49er released after sexual assualt claim

Slideshow: Ray McDonald

The San Francisco 49ers have released Ray McDonald amid sexual assault allegations that led to a search of his home by the police. The 49ers stood by defensive lineman Ray McDonald when he was suspected of domestic assault earlier this season.

A woman claimed she was “Possibly” sexually assaulted by Ray McDonald which led to a search of his home. The San Francisco 49ers said they released Ray McDonald because of a pattern of behavior that the team finds unacceptable.

The 49ers really had their hands tied with the NFL suspending Ray Rice, Greg Hardy and Adrian Peterson for various off the field issues. McDonald clearly at the very least keeps showing poor judgment in getting into bad situations. And McDonald could be considered a predator if he is guilty of sexual assault and possibly the earlier domestic assault claim from which he was never charged by police.

The 49ers releasing Ray McDonald will hopefully send a message to NFL players that their careers are in jeopardy if they commit crimes. I applaud the 49ers for releasing McDonald and if he is guilty of sexual assault I hope he never plays in the NFL again. 

Vote should the Bears start Jimmy Clausen over Jay Cutler?

Slideshow: Should Jimmy Clausen be starting in Chicago?

Should the Chicago Bears start Jimmy Clausen over Jay Cutler? Vote here to say whether or not Jimmy Clausen deserves to start for the Bears. Chicago wasted a lot of money on Jay Cutler who is going to get Trestman fired sooner or later.

You usually don’t bench your quarterback that you paid big time money but if the object is to win games then why not give Jimmy Clausen a shot? This is a Carolina Panthers blog and I am a fan of them so I remember Jimmy Clausen well.

Clausen sucked with the Carolina Panthers he was tentative and shell shocked but he also played for a very bad Carolina team. The Bears have much more talent on offense than Jimmy Clausen did with the Panthers. Clausen was at one time thought to be a solid NFL quarterback prospect coming out of college.

Jay Cutler looks like a guy who got his money and is just dialing it in from here on out. His mechanics are sloppy and he does not seem to have any love for the game. Maybe the embarrassment of getting benched for Jimmy Clausen would kick Cutler in the ass and get him to play harder.

Greg Olsen is having his best season

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Greg Olsen the tight end of the Carolina Panthers has already had his best NFL season statistically and there are two games left to play. Last year was Greg Olsen’s previous best season with 73 catches for 816 yards and 6 touchdown passes in 16 games.

This season in 14 games Greg Olsen has caught 81 passes for 960 yards and 6 touchdowns. And the Carolina Panthers offense has played worse this season than last due to injury and a bad offensive line. Greg Olsen has been a huge bright spot for the Carolina Panthers in 2014.

Olsen is not much of a blocker but what he is, is probably the most underrated tight end in the NFL right now. Olsen finds gaps in the defense to get open or he just uses his 6 feet 5 inch frame to out jump or out muscle defenders. Olsen is a favorite target of Cam Newton and Derek Anderson and at 29 years old still has some quality years left and hopefully they will all be spent with the Carolina Panthers.

As Kelvin Benjamin and the other wide receivers improve next season Olsen may slip in production just a bit. But the quarterbacks won’t forget him and the Panthers have been trying to develop another tight end to help him out and create mismatches for opposing defenses.

Free Week 16 NFL Game Predictions

Slideshow: Week 16 NFL Game Picks

Thanks for reading my free week 16 NFL game predictions in the 2014 season. These free NFL picks are suitable for your office football pool because I don’t do point spread picks. I do these pro football predictions every week so please check back next week and during the playoffs.

Titans at Jaguars

My week 16 NFL game prediction is the Jaguars win 17 to 10.

Eagles at Redskins

I like the Eagles in this one to win 24 to 17 over the Redskins.

Chargers at 49ers

San Francisco wins 20 to 17.

Vikings at Dolphins

My week 16 office football pool pick is the Dolphins win 23 to 17.

Ravens at Texans

Ravens beat the Texans and their shaky quarterback situation 23 to 10.

Lions at Bears

My pick is the Lions win 24 to 17.

Browns at Panthers

Johnny Manziel goes against the Panthers who suddenly look alive again. Panthers win 24 to 17.

Falcons and Saints

An important matchup in the powerhouse NFC South and the Saints win 28 to 23.

Packers at Buccaneers

Green Bay beats Tampa on the unfrozen tundra 28 to 20.

Chiefs at Steelers

Hard one to pick but my week 16 NFL game prediction is the Steelers win 17 to 14.

Patriots at Jets

My week 16 NFL game pick is the Patriots win 31 to 17.

Giants at Rams

Rams win 24 to 21.

Bills at Raiders

Buffalo brings that nasty defense to Oakland and wins 20 to 10.

Colts at Cowboys

My week 16 office football pool pick is the Cowboys win 17 to 14.

Seahawks at Cardinals

Seattle wins 17 to 14.

Broncos at Bengals

Bengals knock off the Broncos 28 to 24.

Week 16 Fantasy Quarterback Rankings

Slideshow: Matt Ryan

Thanks for reading my week 16 fantasy quarterback rankings for the 2014 NFL season. I will rank the top 20 week 16 fantasy football quarterbacks. If you have a question about another week 16 NFL quarterback please leave it in the comments below. And good luck in your 2014 fantasy football playoffs!

1 Aaron Rodgers

Yeah I know Rodgers didn’t have his best game last week but playing a Buccaneers defense that is pretty bad makes Rodgers the best week 16 fantasy football quarterback.

2 Matthew Stafford

Stafford goes against the Bears in week 16 making him a great option.

3 Matt Ryan

Ryan is playing in New Orleans and that means top week 16 fantasy quarterback numbers.

4 Andrew Luck

I like Luck to play well in Dallas but the Colts will lose the game.

5 Tom Brady

Brady will light up the Jets.

6 Drew Brees

Brees and Ryan will have a shootout in week 16 fantasy football.

7 Andy Dalton

Dalton takes on the Broncos who already clinched their division.

8 Peyton Manning

Watch for reports on Manning’s health and how hard they will play the Bengals.

9 Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben is a good week 16 starting fantasy football quarterback.

10 Tony Romo

Romo will play well against the Colts.

11 Jay Cutler

Cutler has been a decent fantasy football quarterback in 2014.

12 Joe Flacco

Flacco has a chance to have a nice week or flop. I am picking somewhere in between.

13 Eli Manning

Manning has some weapons so he is worth a look as a week 16 fantasy quarterback.

14 Phillip Rivers

Rivers falls off a bit with the injury to Allen if he will miss next week’s game.

15 Derek Anderson/Cam Newton

The Panthers are playing well and take on the Browns who are not.

16 Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill won’t amaze you but he won’t make you throw the remote at your TV either.

17 Colin Kaepernick

Look for Kap to throw a lot next week with his running backs banged up.

18 Alex Smith

I just feel like Smith may be a decent start against the Steelers this week.

19 Russell Wilson

The Seahawks looked flat on offense and I think the Cardinals will match up well with them.

20 Mark Sanchez

Sanchez rounds out my week 16 fantasy quarterback rankings.

The Houston Texans need Tim Tebow

Slideshow: Tebow to the Texans?

The Houston Texans need to sign Tim Tebow and no this isn’t a joke. The Texans really need a quarterback with Ryan Fitzpatrick out for the year joining Ryan Mallett. Rookie Tom Savage and journeyman Thad Lewis are the only quarterbacks on the Texans roster.

The Houston Texans are still in the wildcard hunt in the AFC and I think Tim Tebow could help the Texans in that hunt. Yes Tebow has been out of football for a while but his game isn’t timing and accuracy anyway. Tim Tebow’s game is making big plays out of nothing and also running the football.

Tim Tebow’s running ability would be a plus for the Texans who have a good run game already. Tebow would be one more thing for the Texans opponents to worry about. I don’t mean the Texans should sign Tim Tebow off the street and start him.

What the Houston Texans could do is sign Tim Tebow and put in a package for him of goal line or other short yardage plays. The Texans are going to have to sign some retread NFL quarterback anyway why not give Tebow a chance to show if he can play in the NFL or not?

Fan Poll should Derek Anderson start for the rest of the year?

Slideshow: Derek Anderson

This is a fan poll asking if Derek Anderson should start over Cam Newton for the rest of the season? Derek Anderson has played well in replace of Newton this season and the Panthers are back in the playoff hunt.

This is not a bench Cam Newton for Derek Anderson article at all, at least not forever. Cam Newton was recently in a car accident in which he suffered a back injury. Cam Newton has also been playing hurt all season behind a bad Carolina Panthers offensive line.

The question is, is an injured Cam Newton better than a healthy Derek Anderson? Let me say this loud and clear. Cam Newton is a better quarterback than Derek Anderson period, end of story. But does a healthy Derek Anderson give the Carolina Panthers a better chance of winning than a hurt Cam Newton?

This season Cam Newton has completed 234 of 401 passes with a 59.5 completion percentage. Newton has 2,812 passing yards 16 touchdown passes and 11 interceptions. Newton has also rushed for 425 yards and 3 touchdowns this season.

Derek Anderson has completed 65 of 97 passes for 501 yards, 5 touchdown passes and no interceptions. Derek Anderson is no running quarterback so that does not factor for him. I have to say that if Cam Newton is not near 100 percent healthy then Derek Anderson gives the Carolina Panthers the best shot to win games right now.

Now I know people are going to fuss at me for writing this poll asking if Anderson should start over Cam Newton for now. There is no quarterback controversy with the Carolina Panthers at all. I even Tweeted earlier that the Buc’s game would shut up the Anderson followers but I was wrong. I am a Cam Newton fan but first of all I am a Carolina Panthers fan. I also am a freelance writer paid to cover the Panthers and I think this topic will be interesting to Panthers fans.

Johnny Football is Johnny Flop in his debut

Slideshow: Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel stunk up the joint in his NFL debut vs. the Cincinnati Bengals for the Cleveland Browns. It was hoped that Johnny Football would spark the Browns offense but Manziel sparked the Bengals defense instead.

Johnny Manziel completed 10 of 18 passes for 80 yards, 0 touchdown passes and two interceptions. Manziel looked like he didn’t have the arm strength of a NFL quarterback to me and was overwhelmed by a bad Bengals defense in a 30-0 loss for the Cleveland Browns.

One game does not a career make but I just don’t see Johnny Manziel being a starting NFL quarterback for very long. The Browns do need to keep Manziel as the starter for the rest of this season just to see if he shows some improvement. But Johnny Football was a flop in his NFL debut as a starting quarterback. 

Derek Anderson keeps the Carolina Panthers alive in the playoff hunt

Slideshow: Photos of Derek Anderson against the Buccaneers

Derek Anderson has led the Carolina Panthers to another win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The win over Tampa keeps the Carolina Panthers alive in the playoff picture after two wins in a row. Derek Anderson subbing for Cam Newton injured in a car accident played well in the win.

Derek Anderson played well enough to win a mostly defensive battle with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Anderson completed 25 of 40 passes for 270 yards a touchdown and no interceptions. Greg Olsen caught 10 of those passes for 110 yards. Rookie Kelvin Benjamin caught 8 passes for 104 yards for the Panthers.

On defense Josh Norman had one of his best games for the Carolina Panthers. Luke Kuechly had only six tackles but his interception at the end of the game sealed the win for the Panthers. There was a scary moment when Thomas Davis went down with a knee injury to his left knee which is not the one he has hurt 3 other times.

Now the debate begins should Derek Anderson start over Cam Newton next week as well? Newton suffered the same injury in a car accident that Tony Romo did in a game this year. Romo missed one week but there has been no word on the status of Cam Newton for next week.