Great youth quarterback coaches


A good quarterback coach is perhaps what your son needs to hone to skills to be a successful player at the position. Quarterback coaches can help a high school or even younger player get that edge to be one of the best. Through internet searches and Twitter contacts I have compiled a list of some of the best quarterback schools around.

 To avoid cluttering up the article with links, each quarterback coach or school will have their links listed in the sources below. . I know some of the quarterback schools are pricy, but so is college tuition! If your son is a good quarterback, going to one of these coaches could put him over the top to get a college scholarship.


Jerry Rhome


 As a long time football fan and writer I know Jerry Rhome has a great reputation for working with quarterbacks. Warren Moon, Joe Theisman, Jim Zorn, Troy Aikman and Kurt Warner are just a few NFL quarterbacks coached by Jerry Rhome.


 Jerry Rhome puts on clinics, and does individual coaching at quarterback, wide receiver or tight end from middle school to the pro levels. From the Web site you can also order an instructional book by Jerry Rhome.


Coach O Quarterback School


 Coach Rod Olsen has youth quarterback mini camps for kids 9-14 (must have a parent with them) and also offers summer camps. Proper footwork and ball fakes are taught among other skills a young quarterback needs to master. Coach O was a college coach for almost 20 years.


Camp Quarterback


 Camp Quarterback is great because you can attend live and or order the quarterback instruction on DVD. One of the quarterback coaches is former longtime NFL player, Rob Johnson. The live camps are in Mission Viejo, California. One of the former attendees of Camp Quarterback was New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.


Ron Hudson's Exact Quarterback


 Ron Hudson has coached on the NFL Europe level as well as several positions in college football over the years. Steve Beuerlein and Michael Bishop are among the notable quarterbacks who learned from Coach Hudson.


 Coach Hudson's Exact Quarterback offers film study, footwork drills and all the basics that a young quarterback needs to learn. This quarterback school is big on one on one training with the students from Ron Hudson.


QBA Quarterback Academy


 The Quarterback Academy has been around since 1988 so they must know what they are doing. What I love about the Quarterback Academy is that they have camps in several states. Offseason and preseason camps are offered by the Quarterback Academy and all facets of learning the position are covered.

Kelvin Benjamin injured, Wharton retires and other Carolina Panthers news

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Kelvin Benjamin is getting a MRI after hitting knees with a teammate during practice. It does not sound real serious but any knee injury can be bad. It could linger all season even if it's a minor thing.


Kelvin Benjamin like all rookie wide receivers needs all the practice time he can get. Wide receiver is such a hard position to play for rookies. Add to that the fact that Cam Newton missed offseason time with Benjamin due to having ankle surgery.


Carolina Panthers offensive lineman Travelle Wharton has decided to retire. Wharton was drafted by the Panthers then went to the Bengals where an injury prevented him from playing. Returning to the Panthers last year Wharton did a good job filling in on their patchwork offensive line.


The Panthers offensive line is the weakest part of the team by far. With the retirement of Jordan Gross and Wharton the line got even worse than last year. Much maligned Byron Bell has switched from right tackle to left tackle to replace Gross. Bell is a natural left tackle but he struggled with speed rushers on the right side.


Former Carolina Panther draft bust Everette Brown has signed with the Washington Redskins. Brown has bounced around the league in the true manner of a journeyman NFL player. Brown is expected to move to linebacker after playing defensive end for his entire career so far.


I keep thinking about Greg Hardy and how great he will probably play this year. Yes Hardy has his off the field problems to deal with. But Hardy will be playing to prove he is worth a lot of money. He will be playing out of his mind to show teams he is worth the investment for a long term contract.

How to get in shape for playing football


How to get in shape for football depends a lot on the position you play. Different positions often require different conditioning. Running backs, wide receivers and defensive backs need to work on their speed but also endurance. Linebackers and linemen need strength as well as endurance. Pretty much all football players need to work on their endurance to be effective for 4 quarters of play



 How to get in shape for football starts with running and I advise getting the best shoes you can for this. Good shoes lessen the damage to your feet, ankles and knees while you are getting in shape for football. If you are on a school football team ask the athletic trainer or a coach which shoes would work best. Remember in your search of how to get in football shape, overdoing it can lead to injuries so take it easy at first.


 The key to getting in shape for football is to not lose strength to gain speed or endurance. You need to combine some sort of weight lifting program with your running. With less weight lifting for receivers and defensive backs than for running backs, linemen and linebackers.


 Running backs wondering how to get in football shape need some weight training to help them absorb hits and to dish them out. A fast but small running back if often injured when somebody does catch him. Again consult your coaches and or athletic trainer for a workout program suited to you and your position. Running backs need to have strong forearms to help prevent fumbles, so don't neglect those in your weight training.


 As a former lineman in high school football I concentrated on bench pressing and leg pressing when in weight training. I wanted strong legs to maintain my position on the field on defense, or to drive my opponent when I was playing offense. I wish I had paid more attention to my jogging as I wore out pretty fast and was winded.


 Nutrition also plays a part in how to get in shape for football. Think of food as fuel for a racing engine. Do you want high octane racing fuel or do you want regular unleaded? Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid too much sugar or fat in your diet. Consult your doctor for help with a diet that enables you to get in the best possible football shape.


 School age players who need to know how to get in football shape should consider attending a football summer camp. Reputable camps have experienced coaches and trainers who can give you a leg up over the competition, in getting mental and physical shape for football season.

MMA Training in Charlotte

MMA training in Charlotte North Carolina is getting more and more widespread as you will see. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is used by people for a variety of reasons. It is an excellent way to get in shape, some people learn it for self defense and others take it up to actually compete in MMA events. Whatever your interest in MMA in the Charlotte area, I will share some links with you.


Hard Target


Hard Target is located at 4128-B South Boulevard in Charlotte North Carolina. Hard Target boasts an 8,000 sq foot training center and offers adult classes in all the classic MMA disciplines. Children ages 7 to 14 are offered mixed martial arts classes that are appropriate for their age. Currently kids classes are $95 a month which is for unlimited classes. Adults can join the Elite Fighter Program for $155 a month which allows you to train on any day, in any class.


Alliance Jiujitsu


Alliance Jiujitsu is located at 1607-G-Montfort Drive, Charlotte North Carolina 28209. Alliance offers possibly the best Jiu Jitsu training in the Queen City. Jacaré Cavalcanti's teaching methods are used here at Alliance. They train people in MMA, including military and law enforcement. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the main focus and two time Muay Thai champion Mick Doyle has recently joined the staff.


Paul Booe's Xtreme Karate and Mixed Martial Arts


 There are three locations in the Charlotte area,Paul Booe is the owner and head instructor of this MMA training center in the Charlotte area. Among the skills taught at Paul Booe's are adult kickboxing/MMA, adult grappling, kids grappling, kids karate and weapons training for all ages. They also offer an Xtreme fitness boot camp for people at all levels of fitness.


Ultimate GYM


Ultimate Gym is located at 401 E. 35th Street in Charlotte North Carolina. Among the things taught at Ultimate Gym are Boxing, Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, Self Defense and Street Survival, Kung Fu and much more. The Ultimate Gym is open 6 days a week with classes being taught each day. This is more of an all around gym than the others who are mostly teaching MMA in Charlotte North Carolina.

Biggest NFL Trades ever

George Gojkovich/Getty Images North America

After the Jay Cutler trade in 2009 I began considering the biggest trades in NFL history. Then I decided to rank the five biggest trades in NFL history for an article here at To me a big pro football trade is defined by how much media attention it gets and if really helps one or both teams involved. Those were some of the factors in determining the five biggest NFL trades in history.

1 The Herschel Walker Trade


 The Herschel Walker trade was the biggest trade in NFL history in terms of media coverage and team impact. It is widely considered to have jump started the Dallas Cowboys dynasty of the 1990's.


 On October 12th 1989 Herschel Walker was traded from the Dallas Cowboys to the Minnesota Vikings. The Cowboys got LB Jesse Solomon, DB Issiac Holt, RB Darrin Nelson, LB David Howard, DE Alex Stewart from the Vikings roster. Nelson then demanded a trade and was sent to the San Diego Chargers. A slew of draft picks were also involved in the Herschel Walker trade. Dallas ultimately got a guy named Emmitt Smith, defensive backs Clayton Holmes, Darren Woodson, and Kevin Smith, plus defensive tackle Russell Maryland with those picks. The Vikings ended up with Herschel Walker and wide receiver Jake Reed.


 Dallas won on that trade but in part because the Vikings did not know how to use Herschel Walker. They should have lined him up in the I formation and fed him the ball instead of trying to fit them to their own offense. Too see all the details of the Herschel Walker trade then go here to


2 Brett Favre trade from Atlanta to Green Bay


 Brett Favre was once the 3rd quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, before being traded to Green Bay for a first round draft pick. That pick turned out to be running back Tony Smith a Favre college teammate from Ole Miss. Brett Favre passed his way into the Hall of Fame in Green Bay and Tony Smith was a bust. The Brett Favre trade from Atlanta didn't ever get much press but it was one of the biggest trades in NFL history.


3 John Elway traded to the Broncos


 John Elway threatened the Colts with his potential baseball career to force them to trade him to the Denver Broncos. Denver got John Elway in the trade and when it was all said and done the Colts got Quarterback Mark Hermann, Offensive Tackle Chris Hinton and wide receiver Andre "Bad Moon" Rison. Hinton and Rison were good players but John Elway was a Hall of Fame quarterback for the Denver Broncos.


4 Saints trade all their draft picks for Ricky Williams


 Mike Ditka wanted Ricky Williams for his New Orleans Saints and traded every pick for the running back out of Texas. Not only did the Washington Redskins get all the Saints 1999 draft picks, they got the first and third round Saints picks in 2000.


 Shockingly the Saints got the better end of that deal because the Redskins drafted so poorly. Linebacker LaVar Arrington was the only Redskins of any note to come from the Ricky Williams trade. Both the Ricky Williams and John Elway trades made my top 5 NFL draft day surprises article.


5 Ollie Matson traded for 9 players


 Ollie Matson was a superstar two way player for the Chicago Cardinals, most known as a running back. In March of 1959 Matson was traded for 9 Los Angeles Rams! According, Rams general manger Pete Rozelle (yes THAT Pete Rozelle) traded The Rams gave up OT Ken Panfil, DT Frank Fuller, DE Glenn Holtzman, DT Art Hauser plus 1959 draftees RB Don Brown, RB Larry Hickman, and end John Tracey along with two picks in the 1960 draft. This huge trade for Ollie Matson makes the 5th of the top 5 NFL trades of all time.

Altanta Braves send Glavine, Maddux and Cox to the Hall of Fame

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves cleaned up in the Baseball Hall of Fame induction this year. Manager Bobby Cox and players Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine were the Atlanta Braves inducted this year.


Joining Maddux, Glavine and Cox in the Baseball Hall of Fame this year are managers Joe Torre, Tony La Russa and player Frank Thomas to round out a pretty impressive Hall of Fame class in baseball for 2014.


My mother a die hard Braves fan said it was a shame that John Smoltz didn't get inducted this year. But she understands how rare it is for one team to have three members voted into the Hall of Fame much less four. I expect John Smoltz will be in Cooperstown sooner rather than later.


The fact that Bobby Cox, Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux were all voted in together shows how great those Braves teams were. It really is surprising that they didn't win several World Series championships in their heyday.


The Braves are a very popular baseball team due to their exposure on TBS in cable television's early years. Plenty of people in areas with no major league team adopted the Atlanta Braves since they could watch them play all the time.


So there are plenty of happy Atlanta Braves fans all over the country today as three of their members are going to Cooperstown. I am glad to see Bobby Cox get some love from baseball because he gets lots of grief because they DIDN"T win more championships.



Great South Carolina Golf Courses


Thanks for checking out my list of great golf courses in South Carolina. As a North Carolina resident I can appreciate the fine golf in our sister state. To see my list of the best North Carolina golf courses click here . My list of great places for golfing in South Carolina is in no particular order and I have not played on all of the courses.


Kiawah Island


A beautiful resort with all the nice things in life not to mention some great golf. They even have a golf learning center. To find out more about the Kiawah Island resort in South Carolina, click this link.


The Dunes


The Dunes Golf and Beach club is in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, check out their website here . The golf course is superb and the club offers all the amenities, you can even get married there!


Harbor Town


Harbor Town Golf Links is on Hilton Head and is part of The Sea Pines Resort, check out there site here. This course is more for the finesse golfer rather than the power hitters. Harbor Town wouldn't be on the PGA Tour if it wasn't one of the best golf courses in South Carolina.


The Cliffs at Glassy


The Cliffs at Glassy is great place for South Carolina Golfers. From the beautiful mountain views to the multiple golf courses this place has much to offer. Check out their website here.


Long Bay Club


I like the Long Bay Club in Longs South Carolina because it's a nice place that don't empty your wallet. They have a  Jack Nicklaus Signature course that is a tough one but offers some nice scenery. Check out there website with this link.


Thanks for checking out my article on great South Carolina golf courses. As always feel free to leave a comment or question below.

Why Tiger Woods won't win another Major

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Can Tiger Woods win another major before he retires from professional golf? Tiger Woods has not won a major championship since 2008 and I don't see him winning another major.


Tiger Woods is arguably the greatest golfer of all time but father time catches up with everyone. Tiger Woods has had too many injuries and his off the course problems are well documented.


Many fans point to his marriage woes as the beginning of the end of Tiger Woods being a great golfer.  But around that same time Tiger Woods was linked to possible steroid abuse. Since he probably does not want to taint his legacy more than it is, he is probably not using them if he ever did.


I don't see Tiger Woods winning another major for several reasons. He can't seem to find the consistency needed to win a major golf event. When Woods starts out playing well he can't seem to keep it going.


The level of competition is pretty high right now and all the golfers are well motivated to beat Tiger Woods and keep him from winning another major. People always want to beat a legend even if he is on his way down and not in his prime anymore.


Of course Tiger Woods could get his act together and starting winning big again. But the fact that he hasn't won a major since 2008 tells me that Tiger Woods won't win another one.

Johnny Football is already a bust

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Is Johnny Manziel already having a meltdown before his rookie season even starts? When a rookie quarterback has to answer questions about his partying and why there is a photo of him in a bathroom holding a rolled up dollar bill, there are issues.


There has been no confirmation that the photo of Johnny Manziel and the rolled up dollar is a real photo. There has also been no denial by the Manziel camp. Of course he could have been having some fun by only appearing to use a dollar in a way suggesting the snorting of cocaine.


I never though Johnny Manziel would be a good NFL quarterback due to on the field issues with his height and playing style. The fact that Manziel is already showing to be just a party animal only makes him a bigger bust.


That's right I am calling Johnny Football a bust before he even steps on a NFL field. Manziel is Ryan Leaf with more money and less talent. A buddy of mine from Cleveland was distraught then the Browns selected Johnny Manziel because it sets this laughing stock of a team even farther back.


The Browns will spend more time doing damage control for what Johnny Manziel does off the field than they will trying to develop him into a quarterback. Manziel is a little rich boy who don't need the NFL money and I don't think he has the raw talent to make it without lots of coaching an preparation, that he probably won't take advantage of anyway.



The World Series of Golf

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What is the World Series of Golf? If you have never heard of the World Series of Golf or just want to learn more then let me fill you in. This is a very cool concept that combines the betting in Texas Hold Em with golf with wagering on each hole.


They hold a three day competition for amateur golfers. It is a hole-by-hole, hit and bet, no limit amateur prize tournament played on a professional 18-hole golf course. Groups of three to six golfers compete.


I like this because it makes golf much more interesting to watch and to play. People who love to bet on golf and play poker can do both in the World Series of Golf.. The World Series of Golf even is coming up in September so if you want more information check out their website here .