Fan Poll should Ron Rivera be fired?

Slideshow: Fire Ron Rivera?

This is a fan poll asking if Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera should be fired by Jerry Richardson? Ron Rivera coached the Panthers to a 12-4 record last year but the team has fallen way off from last year’s production.

Please vote here on whether Ron Rivera should be fired by the Carolina Panthers. You can vote without signing up for anything. You can also leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter, @NFLPanthersSB.

First it is highly unlikely that Ron Rivera will be fired this offseason by the Carolina Panthers. Ron Rivera signed a contact extension last season that pays him whether he is coaching or gets fired. We know Jerry Richardson kept John Fox around too long because he didn’t want to fire him and pay two coaching staffs.

The Carolina Panthers especially the defense did appear to quit under Ron Rivera this season. But after linebacker Thomas Davis called out the defense their play and intensity improved. It does not help Ron Rivera that Greg Hardy has been suspended for all but one game this season.

I feel the biggest problem on the team is not Ron Rivera. The Panthers slip into the dumps is tied directly to Dave Gettleman. The offensive line is directly from Gettleman and I don’t care how little cap space he had.

A NFL team can always find some cap room and the Panthers did that as soon as free agency ended. Dave Gettleman could have signed a couple of journeymen offensive linemen to one year contracts and had a better offensive line this season.

So no I don’t think Ron Rivera should be fired by the Carolina Panthers in the offseason. But if Mike Shula is fired I won’t shed a tear. Shula has stunk up the place with his play calling this season even if his offensive line is the worst in the NFL.

Fan Poll is Tim Tebow's Religion keeping him out of the NFL?

Slideshow: Tim Tebow
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This is a fan poll asking if Tim Tebow’s religion got him blackballed from the NFL. Vote your opinion on whether Tim Tebow got blackballed from the NFL for religious reasons without having to sign up for anything.

Tim Tebow was probably the best college football player of all time at Florida. The Denver Broncos built an offense around Tebow and he led them to a playoff win as a starter.

Tim Tebow is the most outspoken player about his religion that I can remember seeing. Tebow went so far as to urge that people wait until marriage to have sex. The NFL and all sports have always had religious players who pray on the field or point to the sky after a big play.

But with Tim Tebow his religion spurned critics and mocking. It became common to mock Tim Tebow praying by “Tebowing.” Is it possible that the NFL does not want such an outspoken Christian when much of America is not religious these days?

Or is it just that Tim Tebow is not good enough to play in the NFL? My take is that Tim Tebow is not good enough to overcome all the media and fan attention that could distract a NFL team.

Tim Tebow is good enough to make a NFL roster as a backup quarterback. But all the attention he gets is a turnoff to teams. I do not think Tim Tebow being a Christian is keeping him out of the NFL but please vote your opinion on this issue.

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Week 13 fantasy Quarterback Rankings

Slideshow: Week 13 fantasy quarterback rankings

Thanks for reading my week 13 fantasy football quarterback rankings and analysis for the 2014 NFL season. There are no byes in week 13 so you will have all your uninjured fantasy football players this week. I also do week 13 fantasy rankings for all the positions so please check back for those or better yet subscribe to my blog. This is my top 25 fantasy quarterbacks for week 13. Leave a question in the comments if you have need of info on somebody else.

I am also in the Fall Frenzy blogging contest where 32 of us are going for a $1,000 prize. So if you find my week 13 fantasy football quarterback rankings useful or just like a underdog please share them with friends.

1 Andrew Luck- Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck is my number one ranked fantasy football quarterback for week 13. Luck plays the Redskins and I think he will have a big game. The Redskins do play good pass defense but I think Luck is due.

2 Matthew Stafford- Detroit Lions

Stafford and the Lions are going to be fired up to get a win. The Bears defense is really bad against the pass. My week 13 fantasy quarterback analysis is Stafford throws for 275 yards and 3 scores on Thanksgiving Day.

3 Ben Roethlisberger- Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben takes on the New Orleans Saints who do not play pass defense really well. Look for Roethlisberger to have a very good game this week.

4 Aaron Rodgers- Green Bay Packers

In what may be a Super Bowl preview the Packers take on the Patriots and their middle of the road type of pass defense.

5 Drew Brees- New Orleans Saints

I see Brees and Big Ben in a week 13 fantasy football shootout.

6 Peyton Manning- Denver Broncos

Peyton hasn’t been as sharp recently and the Chiefs have the best pass defense in football. But my week 13 fantasy quarterback analysis is that Peyton Manning is still an elite quarterback.

7 Matt Ryan- Arizona Cardinals

Matt Ryan and the Falcons are going against an Arizona Cardinals team that struggles in pass defense at times.

8 Tom Brady- New England Patriots

Brady is on a roll but his strong run game may keep his week 13 fantasy points down a little.

9 Phillip Rivers- San Diego Chargers

Phillip Rivers cracks the top 10 of my week 13 fantasy quarterback rankings because he is playing a Ravens team that struggles in pass defense.

10 Tony Romo- Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo will have a Thanksgiving Day feast on a subpar Eagles pass defense.

11 Jay Cutler- Chicago Bears

Cutler has too many weapons to rank him too far down the list.

12 Eli Manning- New York Giants

The Giants take on the Jaguars and their bad pass defense in week 13 of the 2014 NFL season.

13 Ryan Tannehill- Miami Dolphins

Tannehill and the Dolphins take on a Jets pass defense that is average at best.

14 Colin Kaepernick- San Francisco 49ers

Colin Kaepernick should be solid this week even against a good Seahawks pass defense.

15 Russell Wilson- Seattle Seahawks

I like Wilson a little less than Kaepernick in this matchup.

16 Cam Newton- Carolina Panthers

Newton will be a little healthier coming off the bye but the Vikings have a decent defense.

17 Brian Hoyer- Cleveland Browns

Hoyer wasn’t great last week but he got it done and has Josh Gordon back.

18 Joe Flacco- Baltimore Ravens

Flacco plays against a stout Chargers pass defense.

19 Andy Dalton- Cincinnati Bengals

Dalton is looking a little better these days.

20 Derek Carr- Oakland Raiders

Carr goes against the Rams who are pretty good on defense at times.

21 Teddy Bridgewater- Minnesota Vikings

Bridgewater takes on the dreadful pass defense of the Carolina Panthers.

22 Mark Sanchez- Philadelphia Eagles

My week 13 fantasy quarterback analysis is a meltdown for Sanchez.

23 Robert Griffin III- Washington Redskins

He still has DeSean Jackson so he can at least get some points.

24 Blake Bortles- Jacksonville Jaguars

Bortles won’t win you a playoff game but he isn’t dreadful.

25 Alex Smith- Kansas City Chiefs

I see Alex Smith handing off a lot against the Broncos.

Free Week 13 NFL Predictions

Slideshow: Week 13 NFL Game Picks

Thanks for reading my free NFL game predictions for week 13 of the 2014 season. I do free NFL predictions every week and my overall record for this year is 121 and 49. These week 13 NFL picks are suitable for your office football pool as I don’t do NFL point spread predictions.

Currently I am in the Fall Frenzy Blogging Contest. I can win $1,000 but am the underdog this week. If you like my week 13 football picks please share them with friends, or just do it to help me out, and thanks for your time.

Thanksgiving Day NFL Predictions

Chicago Bears at the Detroit Lions

My week 13 office football pool pick is the Lions win 23 to 17.

Philadelphia Eagles at the Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys feast on Eagle instead of turkey, 28 to 17.

Seattle Seahawks at the San Francisco 49ers

I like the 49ers to win 17 to 14.

Week 13 Sunday NFL Game Predictions

Washington Redskins at the Indianapolis Colts

The Colts win 27 to 17.

Tennessee Titans at the Houston Texans

The old Houston Oilers (Titans) return to Houston to play the Texans. My week 13 NFL prediction is the Texans win 23 to 20.

Cleveland Browns at the Buffalo Bills (snow permitting)

The Browns win 20 to 14.

San Diego Chargers at the Baltimore Ravens

My week 13 NFL pick is the Ravens win 23 to 20.

New York Giants at the Jacksonville Jaguars

Tom Coughlin gets what may be his last win against his old team, 27 to 20.

Cincinnati Bengals at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This game smells of upset but I can’t quite make that pick. Bengals win 24 to 21.

Oakland Raiders at the St. Louis Rams

To teams who may want to move to Los Angeles battle it out. Rams win 23 to 20.

New Orleans Saints at the Pittsburgh Steelers

My week 13 office football pool pick is the Steelers win 28 to 23.

Carolina Panthers at the Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings win 17 to 14.

Arizona Cardinals at the Atlanta Falcons

My week 13 upset pick is the Falcons knock off the Cardinals 23 to 17 at home. Matt Ryan always plays better in Atlanta.

New England Patriots at the Green Bay Packers

This could be a Super Bowl preview. My week 13 NFL Prediction is the Patriots win 28 to 24.

Denver Broncos at the Kansas City Chiefs

The Broncos win 20 to 17.

Week 13 Monday Night Football Prediction

Miami Dolphins at the New York Jets

Dolphins win 24 to 17.

Carolina Panthers fans I need your help

Slideshow: Carolina Panthers fans please help one of your own

Carolina Panthers (and other) fans I need some help. I am in the 3rd round of the Fall Frenzy Blogging Tournament. 32 bloggers are going at it for a $1,000 prize.

I officially cover the Carolina Panthers for but I also write about other sports and NFL teams. I have defeated two bloggers in this contest for pageviews where the winner of the tournament wins $1,000.

Carolina Panthers fans I need your help to keep advancing in this contest. I have a full time job that will have me working 6 days a week, 14 hours a day for the week of December.

Some of my opponents in the Fall Frenzy are full time writers with time on their hands. Other blogs are actually teams of bloggers while I am by myself unless I decide to add a blogger or two to help me.

I am a 45 year old Carolina Panthers fan who has lived my whole life in North Carolina. I was advised to dump the Panthers theme as the focus of this blog, by some people. It is thought that fans of other teams won’t go to a Panthers blog to read articles about say the Cowboys or whoever they like.

So I handicapped myself slightly by keeping the Panthers name on this blog and not switching to a generic sports blog name. If you are willing to help me out all I need is for everyone to read one of my articles each day, only the one hit counts for the tournament. Please share the blog with friends who like any NFL team, I write about all of them sooner or later. Any social media postings of this blog would be very helpful.

If you Carolina Panthers fans will help me out in this contest and give me a fighting chance I promise to Keep Pounding and try to win it! Please also follow me on Twitter at @NFLPanthersSB.

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Best Super Bowl Commercials

Thanks for checking out my article about the best Super Bowl Commercials of all time. This is mostly video of the best Super Bowl commercials ever. Feel free to leave a comment below about your favorite commercial or commercials from the Big Game.

It seems like the Super Bowl commercials are as anticipated as the game itself these days. People used to run to the fridge to load up on snacks during time outs in the Super Bowl, now they sit and watch what will come on the TV during breaks in the game.

The other big thing on Super Bowl Sunday of course is the party. When Super Bowl parties started getting popular it was mostly about watching the game. Now the Super Bowl parties often have games where you pick the next Super Bowl commercial or talk about you favorite ones. 

Fan Poll are kickers and punters real football players?

Slideshow: Former running back/kicker Paul Hornung

This is a fan poll asking if kickers and punters are real football players. You can vote on whether or not kickers and punters are real football players without having to sign up for something.

Punters and kickers used to BE real football players who played other positions and just happened to be able to kick. One of the best early quarterbacks, Sammy Baugh was also an excellent punter. Cleveland Browns kicker Lou “The Toe” Groza was an offensive tackle. Packer’s running back Paul Hornung was a kicker and running back who scored 176 points in a single season which only had 12 games. Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Danny White was also the team’s punter for several seasons.

But today’s punters and kickers are specialists who seldom look like athletes. When a kicker or punter has to make a tackle or run a fake play it usually turns out bad and makes all the highlight shows. And when they make tackles they often get hurt because they are not as tough as regular football players.

Are punters and kickers real football players? I think you do have to consider them football players. They suit up in a uniform and pads and go out on the field and play so yes punters and kickers are real football players.

Fan Poll who is more clutch Kemba Walker or Graham Gano?

Slideshow: Graham Gano and Kemba Walker

This is a fan poll asking who is the more clutch player Graham Gano of the Carolina Panthers or Kemba Walker of the Charlotte Hornets. This is a fan poll you can vote in without having to sign up for anything. A Twitter follower ask me to do a poll wanting an opinion on who is more clutch Graham Gano or Kemba Walker.

Kemba Walker of the Charlotte Hornets has not quite lived up to his hype especially in clutch situations. Kemba looks good at times but he seems to always fade under pressure from what I have seen in my limited viewing of the Charlotte Hornets. Sorry I am a much bigger NFL fan.

Graham Gano has been under fire for missing two possible game winning field goals last week for the Carolina Panthers. But I have been a big fan of Graham Gano who I consider the 2nd best kicker behind John Kasay that the Panthers have ever had. Gano has made 51 of 60 field goals for the Panthers which is clutch enough for me

The Carolina Panthers can still make the playoffs

Slideshow: Ron Rivera and the Panthers can still make the playoffs

Believe it or not but the Carolina Panthers can still make the 2014 NFL playoffs. The Falcons lost to the Browns and are at 4-7 on the season. The New Orleans Saints now lead the NFC South with a 4-6 record. The Carolina Panthers can still make the playoffs because they are at 3-7-1 for the season.

The Carolina Panthers could come off their bye week refreshed and healthier than they have been all season. The Panthers go to Minnesota, then New Orleans, host Tampa Bay and Cleveland before going to Atlanta for the last game of the season.

I think the Panthers could possibly win 4 of those games (losing to the Saints) if they can get their offensive line to play a little better. With a little help from other teams the Panthers could win the NFC South with a losing record.

At this point I wonder how many fans want to even make the playoffs. Some are already talking about next year’s draft and how losing out will help NFL draft position for the Carolina Panthers.

I want the Panthers to win every game they can and make the playoffs just to keep watching them play as much as possible. But while the Carolina Panthers can still make the playoffs I don’t really see it happening.

The Carolina Panthers offensive line will probably continue to struggle and talk in PantherNation will turn to firing Mike Shula and getting ready for the 2015 NFL draft.