Joe Webb wins some fans and probably a roster spot with the Carolina Panthers

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Joe Webb has won over some fans during his short time with the Carolina Panthers. And it also looks like Joe Webb has won a roster spot with the Carolina Panthers, at least for now. Panthers fans on Twitter fell in love with Webb, Fozzy and Bersin during the preseason and it looks like all three will make the team.


The Panthers were probably going to keep just Cam Newton and Derek Anderson on the active roster at quarterback. But injuries to Cam and Derek plus great preseason play by Joe Webb have them thinking of keeping the former Minnesota Viking wide receiver, at quarterback


Webb came into the league as a quarterback with the Vikings but struggled and was switched to wide receiver. Webb joined the Carolina Panthers as a quarterback and got plenty of reps while Cam Newton recovered from ankle surgery.


Joe Webb has been called "Minicam" but I won't go that far. I remember Webb just sucking in one big game with the Vikings. But I AM a fan of Webb and I think the Panthers should and will put him on the active roster.


The problem is that when the Panthers need a spot for anther linebacker or something then Webb may get released. But Webb was a long shot to make the Panthers team and it looks like he will do it.Even if Webb is released he has shown enough to get picked up by another team who needs a quarterback with some experience and some mobility,.

NFC South Power Rankings

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Thanks for checking out my NFC Power Rankings heading into week one of the 2014 NFL season. This is simply how I see each team right now and not a prediction for the whole regular season.


1 New Orleans Saints


The Saints seem to have come out the preseason pretty healthy now that Drew Brees has started playing after being injured earlier in the year. Barring injury to Brees I don't see anyone doing much with them for the whole year in the NFC South.


Brees has talented young wide receivers, the best tight end in football and a great offensive minded coaching staff. The Saints defense is really good and covers the field like a Bounty Paper Towel. The Saints are the best team in the NFC South.


2 Atlanta Falcons


The Falcons edge out the Panthers for right now because they have a healthy quarterback. They did lose their starting left tackle so that may well bite them in the Dirty Bird. I liked most of their off season moves and I think they will be better this year than they were last season.


3 Carolina Panthers


I really came close to putting Tampa here but couldn't make myself do it. The Panthers problem is Cam Newton is coming off ankle surgery, has a hairline fracture in a rib and has a new receiving unit. Oh yeah they also have a new offensive line for the most part that is not expected to play well.


On the plus side Kelvin Benjamin is looking good and the running backs are all healthy. Oh yeah the Carolina Panthers have one heck of a defense. When Cam gets healthy I expect the Panthers to rise in my NFC South Power Rankings.


4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Lovie Smith will get this team to a good place but will it be sooner or later. I am not in love with their quarterback situation but the Buccaneers have some good skill position players on offense. The Buc's defense will be improved over last year but I want to see how they play in the early regular season.

2014 season and stats prediction for the Carolina Panthers

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Thanks for checking out my 2014 Carolina Panthers predictions. I will give my predictions for the Panthers record and some stats predictions as well. I am the official Carolina Panthers blogger for and live in the Hickory area of North Carolina.


Carolina Panthers 2014 Predictions


I think the Panther will go anywhere from 8-8 to 10-6 in 2014. Barring injury to Drew Brees or another suspension of their coach I think the Saints will run away with the NFC South. I see the Falcons being bad again but not as bad as last year. The Buccaneers could be a handful but I have to see it to believe it. I don't like either of Tampa's quarterbacks but that defense could be nasty. I think the Carolina Panthers will contend for a Wild Card spot and finish 2nd in the NFC South.


The Panthers offensive line just has too many question marks for me to predict a division championship for the Carolina Panthers in 2014. The receiver unit does not bother me nearly as bad as the line does.


Opposing offenses are going to try to West Coast Offense the defense of the Carolina Panthers this year. The way to negate a pass rush like the Panthers is with quick passes. To me that means sack totals will be down from last year but I expect interceptions especially from the linebackers to be up from last season for the Panthers.


Stat Predictions for the Carolina Panthers


Cam Newton is going into the season with a suspect offensive line, new receivers and recovering from ankle surgery along with injured ribs. I see him dropping a tad in stats in 2014. I think Cam will complete 60 percent of his passes and throw for around 3,000 yards, 20 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. I see Cam running for around 400 yards and four scores this year.


DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart and Mike Tolbert should combine for around 1,450 yards and seven scores on the ground. Kelvin Benjamin is a rookie wideout and they struggle. I see him catching around 50 passes for 700 yards and seven scores due to his endzone jumping ability. If the Carolina Panthers get that production from the other receivers combined they will be lucky. Greg Olsen will have a career year in 2014. I think he catches 90 balls for over 1,000 yards and 8 touchdown passes.





Josh Gordon suspended by the NFL for a full season

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Josh Gordon the superbly talented but troubled wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns has been suspended by the NFL for a full year. It took the NFL several months to announce how long Gordon would be suspended for and then dropped it on him right before the season started.


It is no shock that Gordon got suspended a year because he has had repeated violations of the NFL's substance abuse policy. Some people are saying since marijuana is legal in some states that Gordon and others should not be punished for smoking it.


Well I say if he knows he will get in trouble with the NFL and keeps smoking pot anyway then he needs some serious help. When you are willing to throw away millions of dollars to smoke weed then your priorities are a little out of whack.


Josh Gordon talent wise is as good as anyone in the NFL including Megatron. Give Gordon a real NFL quarterback and he would smash all kinds of records. Hopefully a year away from the game will give the young man time to clear his head and get his life on the right track.


Gordon will have to be reinstated by the NFL after a year's suspension. He will not automatically be allowed to rejoin the Cleveland Browns. I really hope to see him play again not just because he is so great, but also so he will have gotten his life straightened out.


Now the Browns better hope Miles Austin can recapture the fountain of youth as he and Nate Burleson are the only name wide receivers on the roster. The young wideouts need to step up as well to try to replace Josh Gordon.


Why Luke Kuechly is only getting better for the Carolina Panthers

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Luke Kuechly is poised for true greatness for the Carolina Panthers. You may be thinking to yourself "Silly (but handsome) blogger Luke Kuechly is ALREADY a great middle linebacker, and you would be right.


The Carolina Panthers got a gem in Luke Kuechly who was the right guy in the right place at the right time. Carry on fair reader to see what I am babbling about.


In recent years the NFL was a true passing league and we saw the middle linebacker position being phased out. Many teams dumped the whole 4-3 defense to rush the passer from a 3-4 blitz attack.


But now good teams like the Seahawks, 49ers and Panthers are going back to the basics. Play defense, run the ball and pass when you can. This is a dream scenario for Luke Kuechly. Now suddenly the middle linebacker is important again especially in the NFC.


Luke Kuechly is simply a beast of a middle linebacker for the Carolina Panthers. He is very smart, very athletic and a very good tackler. The only area where Luke seems to struggle is in rushing the passer but that is not usually the job of a 4-3 middle linebacker anyway.


The Panthers defense is old school and they have one heck of a defensive line in front of Luke Kuechly. Star and Short were rookie defensive tackles last year. Like wide receiver defensive tackles usually have a huge jump from their rookie season to the second year.


So if Star and Short are better this year that will help free up Luke Kuechly to run amok. It does not hurt that Thomas Davis is there beside Luke and either AJ. Klein or Chase Blackburn will be serviceable as well this year.


Offenses are going to try to run on the Panthers and to throw short quick passes to avoid that awesome pass rush. Luke Kuechly if he stays healthy could have 150 solo tackles and 5 or 6 interceptions this year.


I only see Kuechly getting better over the next two to three years for the Carolina Panthers. And I am one of the idiots who was against drafting him! Well I am glad I was wrong that is for sure.


Will Marcus Lattimore ever play in the NFL?

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Will Marcus Lattimore ever play in the NFL? Today the San Francisco 49ers placed him on the reserve/NFL injury list. That ensures that Lattimore will miss at least the first 6 games of the 2014 season.


Lattimore was the best running back in college football while at South Carolina but two knee injuries shortened his college career. The 2nd one may have ended his chances at being a NFL running back.


The 49ers drafted Marcus Lattimore in the 4th round of the 2012 NFL draft. It was hoped that Lattimore would heal up then work with Frank Gore in the running back rotation. However Lattimore has yet to play in a NFL game.


Lattimore's injuries at South Carolina are believed to be a major reason Jadeveon Clowney took the year off last year and didn't play very hard. Clowney saw first hand what a college injury could do to an NFL career.


While I am a UNC fan I was a big supporter of Marcus Lattimore at South Carolina and wish we could have seen him at his best in the NFL. Lattimore could have been something special on the right team.


Right now it looks like Lattimore will never play in a NFL game. If he don't get on the field this year it looks like he will have missed his window. Even if Lattimore does play again he won't be the type of back at that he was at South Carolina.

Leave the Washington Redskins alone about their name!

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I wish people would just stop it with the bashing of the Washington Redskins over their name. Yes of course the name is not politically correct but the team is not racist now. Yes the Redskins had a racist owner back in the day, but he is long dead.


While I am sure some Native Americans are deeply offended by the Redskins name, I also feel some people are bashing it for publicity. Tony Dungy and Phil Simms plan to not use the Redskins name on broadcasts. I think they should be fired or at least suspended for taking a political stand on the air. Until the Redskins name is gone then I feel that people should use the name like they do any other NFL team.


The Washington Redskins are one of the oldest NFL teams and have been around since 1937. I think if the name has stood this long then it should be left alone. I am a NFL traditionalist and was happy the when Cleveland got a new team it got the Browns name. I am not a big fan of changing major things in sports.


It just seems to me that people in their country decide to jump on some PC cause and the momentum builds until they get what they want. I do think the Redskins will be forced to change their name and that is a shame.


And no I am in no way a Washington Redskins fan at all. I am a Panthers fan who was a Cowboys fan as a kid. I still have plenty of sports hate for the Redskins and Eagles from my youth.


If I owned the Redskins and was forced to change the name I would consider moving them out of Washington D.C. All those politicians who are bashing the Redskins name probably enjoy going to the games and sitting in luxury boxes. I would move the team just out of spite to them, if I could get a good stadium deal anyway.


Who knows what the Redskins will change their name to when they are forced to. Possibly the Washington PC Police. Maybe the Washington No Names. I just don't think it will be the Washington Redskins for much longer.

The 5 most Overrated Quarterbacks in the NFL

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Thanks for checking out my list of the 5 most overrated quarterbacks in the NFL, These guys get way too much love from the national media and fans for my taste. As with all sports lists mine can be argued with. I have been wrong before but it was in like 1979 or something. Feel free to heap praise or insults on me in the comments section below.


5 Andy Dalton- Cincinnati Bengals


Dalton is fine in the regular season, he throws more interceptions than I like but he is ok. But Andy Dalton is Tony Romo like in the post season, Dalton gets a lot of love in the media at times but I think he is carried by the rest of the offense.


4 Carson Palmer- Arizona Cardinals


I don't know how Carson Palmer is still a starting quarterback in the NFL. He is a turnover machine and a veteran with his years in the league should not be throwing 22 interceptions on a team as good as the Arizona Cardinals.


3 Eli Manning- New York Giants


Does Eli Manning have two Super Bowl Rings? Sure he does but he is regressing in his career. Eli Manning had a terrible season last year and made some of the ugliest faces of pouting and despair that I ever saw. Because he is in New York and a Manning, Eli gets too much love from the media.


2 Matt Ryan- Atlanta Falcons


Matt Ryan is a talented quarterback but the Falcons put one heck of a set of skill position players at his disposal. Granted Matt Ryan's offensive line hasn't been the best but he should have overcome that. Ryan gets too emotional and should have had a Super Bowl appearance by now with those receivers.


1 Colin Kaepernick- San Francisco 49ers


Colin Kaepernick is the most overrated quarterback in the NFL. The San Francisco 49ers are such a good team and Kaepernick holds them back a bit in my opinion. Yes he can make some great plays but he isn't as consistent as he should be at this point. I do like how he keeps his turnovers at a minimum but he should have been better with the coaching and talent around him.

The 5 most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL

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Thanks for checking out my list of the most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL. As with all sports lists mine can be debated with. Feel free as always to heap praise or insults on me in the comments section below. This list is just my opinion of quarterbacks who are underrated by national media and most fans.


5 Cam Newton- Carolina Panthers


Yes this is a Panthers blog and I am a fan of the team and of Cam Newton. That being said I think Cam Newton is underrated because of his maturity issues from earlier in his career. Newton has all the maturity, talent and work ethic you want in a quarterback these days.


4 Philip Rivers- San Diego Chargers


Rivers was perhaps overrated early in his career then everybody thought he was done. Now Rivers has revitalized himself with the help of Chargers Coach Mike McCoy. Rivers is a top 10 quarterback in the NFL, maybe top 5 when he is on his game,


3 Ben Roethlisberger- Pittsburgh Steelers


Big Ben tainted his name forever in a Georgia bathroom but the man is a very good NFL quarterback. People tend to think of the Steelers as a run first team but Roethlisberger has been a heck of a passer over the last few years.


2 Russell Wilson- Seattle Seahawks


Everyone wants to call Russell Wilson a game manager that wins with the run game and defense. Well I won't downgrade Wilson for being on a good team. Russell Wilson had average to below average wide receivers last year and still did a great job in the passing game.


1 Alex Smith- Kansas City Chefs


It was hard for Alex Smith to lose the bust tag he was given in San Francisco. But if you remember before the Kaepernick mistake Smith played well at the end of his career with the 49ers. Alex Smith does not turn the ball over much and is accurate on a Chiefs team that struggles to keep Bowe playing and not suspended.


Richie Incognito headed to Tampa Bay

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Richie Incognito is visiting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers even though Lovie Smith said they were not interested in him. Incognito as you may recall was at the center of the Miami Dolphins bullying incidents last year.


Richie Incongnito has proven to be a bully, a racist and well a little crazy. But Richie Incongnito is all a Pro Bowl level offensive lineman in the NFL and that means more than political correctness in the league.


Do I believe in second chances? Sure I do but this is hardly a second chance for Richie Incongnito. He has been in trouble off the field going back to his college days and the Buccaneers are desperate if they are willing to gamble on him.


The Carolina Panthers are in need of offensive linemen so I asked on Twitter if Panthers fans would take Richie Incognito. I got mixed replies, four were against it and two were for it if it helped the team.


I myself would be against Richie Incognito joining the Carolina Panthers. But we don't have to worry about that because he is going to be a Buccaneer. So the Panthers get to tee off on Incognito twice this season. I am sure Greg Hardy and company wouldn't mind discussing his racist views in a pileup on the line.