Carolina Panthers claim bullying victim Jonathan Martin

Slideshow: Jonathan Martin to the Panthers

The Carolina Panthers have claimed Jonathan Martin off of waivers. Jonathan Martin was recently waived by the San Francisco 49ers and of course is best known for being bullied on the Dolphins by Richie Incognito.

Jonathan Martin is interesting in that he has the talent to be a starting offensive tackle in the NFL and has some starting experience. The Carolina Panthers are desperate enough for offensive tackles that it won’t hurt to take a chance on Jonathan Martin.

The question about Martin is, is he mentally tough enough to play in the NFL? I hope he is because he could be a day one starter opposite of Michael Oher. I applaud the Panthers for giving Martin a chance and for trying to help their offensive line.

Video of the 5 Most Exciting Plays in Carolina Panthers History

Slideshow: Cam Newton

Thanks for checking out my video list of the biggest plays in Carolina Panthers history. Now first know that if I couldn’t find a play on or one of the other places we are allowed to use, it didn’t make this article. I asked for and got suggestions about the biggest plays in Carolina Panthers history on Twitter. Some of the videos used are tribute videos with multiple plays on them.

1 Muhsin Muhammad 80 yard Super Bowl TD catch

Jake Delhomme to Mushin Muhammad for an 80 yard touchdown in the Super Bowl against the Patriots.

2 Sam Mills interception for first Carolina Panthers win

Sam Mills interceptied a shovel pass and ran it in for a score to help the Panthers get their first win ever, against the Jets.

3 Steve Smith endzone fight against the Saints

Steve Smith scores and all heck breaks loose with a hugh brawl that seemed to rally the Carolina Panthers. I beleve this was during the Saints bounty hunting days.

4 Cam Newton 72 yard run against the Falcons

Cam Newton goes 72 yards against the hated Falcons and dives into the endzone. One of the biggest plays in Caroina Panthers history or at least one of the most exciting.

5 DeAngelo Williams 69 yard touchdown run

DeAngelo Williams with a 69 yard touchdown run against the Raiders. Williams spins out of a tackle by two Raiders then another spin into the endzone. 

Greg Hardy won't screw up again

Slideshow: Greg Hardy

I don’t think Greg Hardy will screw up again. Yes I am a Hardy fan and wanted him back with the Carolina Panthers. No I don’t know Greg Hardy and probably will never meet him but I think Kraken learned his lesson.

I know Greg Hardy got paid last season to not play but it cost him a lot of money and embarrassment for this season and the rest of his career. I do not condone what Greg Hardy did if he did it. However there are probably plenty of NFL players around that have done worse things than Greg Hardy but have not been caught.

The Dallas Cowboys are getting some flack for signing Greg Hardy. But is Dez Bryant a model citizen? Was Michael Irvin? Face it not every NFL player is a nice guy or in Hardy’s case makes the best decisions. I think Greg Hardy will be fine in Dallas and wherever he spends the rest of his career.

Darren Sharper gets 20 years in prison for rape

Slideshow: Darren Sharper

Former NFL player Darren Sharper has reached a plea deal to serve 9 years in prison on rape charges in Arizona. Police say Sharper drugged and sexually assaulted three women in Arizona but he only pled guilty to one and will serve 9 years in prison.

Darren Sharper faces charges in Las Vegas and New Orleans that he also drugged and sexually assaulted women. Sharper certainly appears to be a serial rapist and hopefully will be off the streets for many years if he is guilty of all the crimes he is charged with.

Sharper is famous, rich and good looking so he should have no trouble getting women right? Well this is a sick power trip and he clearly won’t stop unless he is in prison where he belongs. Sharper reminds me of former New York Giant, Dave Meggett who is serving 30 years for rape and was accused in another case involving a separate woman.  

This has been UPDATED from the original article. Sharper in addition to the 9 years in Arizona has also pled out in the other states. Darren Sharper has now received a 8 year sentence from Nevada and a 20 year sentence in Louisiana. However the Arizona and Nevada sentences will run concurrently with the 20 year sentence. This means Darren Sharper will only spend 20 years total in prison after pleading guilty of multiple rapes.

NFL Draft Prospect Carlif Taylor

Slideshow: NFL Draft

This is a little write up on NFL draft prospect Carlif Taylor the defensive lineman from Southern Connecticut State University. I became a fan of Carlif Taylor for three reasons, he follows me on Twitter, he is a super nice guy and he is a baller.

Carlif Taylor only played one year of high school football before playing at Division II Connecticut State University where he was a two time 1st team Northeast 10 all conference nose guard and an All American. Taylor played several spots on the defensive line while there and that gives him some nice versatility.

At 6ft 2 inches tall and 315 pounds Taylor is athletic enough to get penetration into the backfield and has the strength to shed blockers. Of course the knock on Taylor is the level of competition he faced but we see small school linemen make it in the NFL as project players all the time.

NFL Director and Senior Writer for Adam Inman (no relation to me) raved about Carlif Taylor to me. He thinks Taylor is a super nice guy who will get his chance at the later stages of the draft or possibly as an undrafted free agent.

To me the NFL draft is all about players like Carlif Taylor who have a dream to play pro ball. Players like Taylor won’t be instant NFL millionaires but have the potential to live out their dream. I am pulling for Taylor and I hope you will be too. 

North Carolina with 3 teams in the Sweet 16

Slideshow: North Carolina is the best college basketball state

North Carolina is showing itself to be the top college basketball state with 3 teams in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Men’ Basketball Tournament. There has been a lot of pro ACC talk among fans in my area (North Carolina) this year but I am more interested in just the teams from this state.

I am a UNC fan but must admit I am a casual basketball fan at best, I don’t live and die for the sport. So I may be rare in that I will gladly pull for NC State in the NCAA Tournament and was thrilled when they upset Villanova. It is much harder for me to pull for Duke but I would against Kentucky because I want the state of North Carolina to bring home a National Championship and outdo the state of Kentucky in college basketball.

North Carolina IS the king of college basketball as a state. I think we even take it for granted a little bit around here. You have perennial powerhouses Duke and UNC so close together and occasionally good NC State right down the road. We grew up with it here and probably don’t realize how special the state of North Carolina is in college basketball.


Greg Jennings hints that he will be a Carolina Panther

Slideshow: Greg Jennings a Panther?

Greg Jennings just dropped a hint on Twitter that he is signing with the Carolina Panthers. Or at least Panthers fans are taking it that way. Jennings Tweeted that for some reason he is in the mood to listen to “Good Charlotte”.

I was not excited at first when Greg Jennings came for a visit but I have been rethinking that. Jennings has been an elite NFL wide receiver and can help Kelvin Benjamin get there. Not to mention that Jennings still has enough in the tank that he is an upgrade over Cotchery and Philly, who I still like.

This article is not saying that Greg Jennings is signing with the Carolina Panthers but I think he is after reading his Tweet. Either that or Jennings is messing with Panthers fans for no reason and will be ripped on Twitter if he signs somewhere else. UPDATE, jennings is also thought to be talking to the Miami Dolphins and has not signed with the Panthers.

Poll Should the Carolina Panthers Draft Todd Gurley?

Slideshow: Todd Gurley

This is a poll asking if the Carolina Panthers should draft running back Todd Gurley. The Georgia running back recently had a pre-draft visit with the Carolina Panthers. Vote here on whether the Carolina Panthers should draft Gurley.

I have the Panthers going offensive tackle in my mock draft, but the Panthers draft on the best player available theory. I think even with an ACL injury that needs to be rehabbed, if the Panthers think Gurley is the BPA then they should draft him.

Fozzy and Jonathan Stewart are both injury prone and the Panthers just released DeAngelo Williams. If the Panthers want to run the ball it starts with the offensive line, but Gurley is special if healthy. The NFL has devalued the running back position because you CAN find RB’s late in the draft or undrafted who can play. Still when you get a chance at a talent like Gurley you have to at least consider drafting him if he is on the board.

Video from match where wrestler died against Rey Mysterio Jr.

Slideshow: Rey Mysterio Jr.

A pro wrestler has died from injuries suffered in a match with Rey Mysterio Jr. in Mexico. Pedro Aguayo Ramirez, known as Hijo del Perro Aguayo age 35 passed away after competing against Mysterio and others in a tag match.

Ramirez died from a neck injury after Rey Mysterio Jr. performed a move on him. ESPN is reporting that there could be manslaughter charges filed. I really hope that Mysterio or anyone else is not charged with the death of Ramirez. Wrestling while being staged is still a very physical sport (if you call it that) and injuries and death do happen in the ring from time to time.

Rey Mysterio Jr. is the most famous Mexican wrestler and has been a huge draw in the WWE in the past. Mysterio posted this on Twitter “We should not question God’s plan, but on this occasion I wonder why and don’t understand. I miss you and will remember you for the rest of my life. Rest in peace, Hijo del Perro,”.

I have updated this on 3-25-2015. Rey Mysterio served as a pallbearer for Aguayo at the request of the family. There are reports that Rey Mysterio has received some death threats in Mexico. It is very clear that the death was a tragic accident and no fault of Mysterio’s. As far as I can find there is no more thought to charging Rey Mysterio in the death.

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