Fan Poll should the Carolina Panthers resign Greg Hardy next year?

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This is a fan poll question. Should the Carolina Panthers try to resign Greg Hardy for next year or let him walk away? With the postponement of Greg Hardy’s trial its very unlikely that Kraken will play again this year for the Carolina Panthers.

Greg Hardy may be suspended for more games at the start of next season if he is convicted his domestic violence case. That means Hardy may end up missing something like a year and a third of his NFL career before he plays again.

What that also means is that Greg Hardy may be willing to sign a one year contract at a very nice price (for the team) to get back on the field next year to make a play in free agency in 2016.

The Carolina Panthers could sign Greg Hardy for one year at a bargain and get something back for the money spent on no production this season. I say yes the Carolina Panthers should offer Greg Hardy a low ball contract for one season, next year.

Greg Hardy is a rare talent and will be highly motivated to play well and get his career on track. To be honest I don’t really care anymore about his domestic violence issues unless it happens again.

Some of you will say show Greg Hardy the door for the embarrassment and salary cap damage he caused the Carolina Panthers. And I can see that point and won’t argue against it. And I really don’t think the Panthers will try to sign Greg Hardy but I think they should. 

The Carolina Panthers need to go all in with Cam Newton or trade him

Slideshow: Get Cam Newton some help or trade him

The Carolina Panthers need to go all in with Cam Newton or let him leave town. Cam Newton is good enough of a passer to win consistently with the garbage he has on offense with him. And by garbage I am mostly talking about the offensive line but the receivers could be better too.

I have been thinking about this for some time but a Tweet by Panthers fan @DCWLN and WFNZ host @Kroeger about the offensive “weapons” drafted by the Panthers got me kick started to write this.

If the Carolina Panthers are going to spend what it takes to sign Cam Newton then they need to go all in and support him. They have to build an offensive line and protect their investment. They have to get another tall wide receiver like Kelvin Benjamin and they have to find some running backs that can stay healthy.

It seems like the Panthers want to load up the defense and let Cam carry the offense but he isn’t that kind of quarterback. And even Peyton Manning would look bad behind that Panthers offensive line.

Cam Newton can avoid the rush and run for positive yards but he needs better protection to be a good passer. Newton’s passing mechanics are sloppy at best and they get worse when he is under pressure. But give Cam time to set up and he can be a devastating passer especially with long passes.

The Panthers have painfully neglected the offense since drafting Cam Newton. In 2011 the Panthers drafted Cam, then wide receiver Kealoha Pilares in the 5th round and offensive linemen Zachary Williams and Lee Zimba in the 6th and 7th rounds respectively.

In 2012 the Carolina Panthers drafted offensive lineman Amini Silatolu in the 2nd round, wide receiver Joe Adams in the 4th round. In 2013 the Carolina Panthers drafted offensive lineman Edmund Kugbila and running back Kenjon Barner. In 2014 the Panthers drafted Kelvin Benjamin O lineman Trai Turner and running back Tyler Gaffney.

Of all those offensive players drafted since Cam Newton, only Trai Turner, Edmund Kugbila (Injured Reserve) and Amini Silatolu and Kelvin Benjamin are on the Panthers roster.

If the Panthers want to keep playing run first on offense and dominate with defense football then they need to get rid of Cam Newton. Sign him and trade him that way they get something for him.

To take full advantage of Cam Newton (and not get him killed) the Panthers need to add some quality offensive pieces around him. Then he can be the best he can be and help the Panthers win.  

Did Riverboat Ron sink on Lake Norman?

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Did Riverboat Ron sink in Lake Norman? Last year conservative by nature Ron Rivera took on a gambler’s role and coached in a very aggressive manner. This year the fans are claiming Ron Rivera has gone back to his conservative nature again, and he has to a point.

But the Panthers have gone for it on 4th down 7 times this year and got it 5 times. So Ron Rivera isn’t in love with the punter as much as John Fox was. So while the Riverboat may have some holes in it, it’s not on the bottom of Lake Norman just yet.

This is a different team than the one that Riverboat Rivera went all crazy with. The loss of Greg Hardy and the bad play by the defense means its harder to stop the other team if the Panthers fail on a 4th down attempt.

With the inept offensive line and injuries to all the running backs and Cam Newton, its harder to trust the offense to make a 4th down conversion. I think Ron Rivera is doing a decent coaching job this year, however Mike Shula isn’t.If Ron Rivera start going for it on 4th down all the time and the team fails to get it then everyone will call for his head anyway. 

Greg Hardy's trial postponed

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Greg Hardy’s domestic violence trial has been postponed until after the NFL season which means Greg Hardy will never play for the Carolina Panthers again. Hardy won’t play this year unless he pleads guilty in the trial. And you can bet Greg Hardy will never play for the Carolina Panthers after this season.

Even if Greg Hardy pleads guilty in the domestic violence case he would still face punishment from the NFL. There is very little chance that Greg Hardy will be allowed to count the games he has already been suspended, towards the punishment of the NFL.

Greg Hardy would be unlikely to get back on the field this year for the Carolina Panthers after the NFL punishes him. The reason why I think Greg Hardy may plead guilty is to get his punishment out of the way.

Greg Hardy will be a free agent next year and he won’t want to be facing another suspension next year before he can play for his new team. That could mean he didn’t play for more than a year which would drive down his free agent value even more than it is.

While I am sure Kraken wants to get back on the field with the Panthers this year, his top priority is to make himself a more attractive free agent for NEXT season. I really don’t see the Carolina Panthers making Hardy a contract offer even at a reduced cost. I think he is done with the Panthers and will be playing for another team in 2015.

Fan Poll is J.J. Watt the best player in the NFL?

Slideshow: J.J. Watt

Is J.J. Watt the best player in the National Football League? If the Houston Texan’s defensive end isn’t the best player in the NFL then he is near the top of a very short list. Peyton Manning is one of the best players in the NFL and he may be the only one better than J.J. Watt but I am not even sure of that. This is a fan poll asking if J.J. Watt is the best player in the NFL right now.

J.J. Watt got paid and unlike many NFL players he didn’t chill out and draw those checks. J.J. Watt responded by getting better and trying harder and he is a game changer of a defensive end.

In 8 games for the Houston Texans J.J Watt has 7 sacks, 32 total tackles, one forced fumble, three fumble recoveries and an 80 yard interception return for a touchdown. Oh yeah he took a fumble back for a touchdown as well. Watt’s career totals are now 43.5 quarterback sacks in 56 NFL games.

Everybody loves those quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers. But I like the pass rushers and run stoppers on defense as well. As a Panthers fan we have a special linebacker in Luke Kuechly who I love to watch play. But honestly Watt is the better player because he is a pass rusher and that is very valuable in today’s game.

Thanks for reading this fan poll article about J.J. Watt asking if he is the best player in the NFL. Feel free to leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter, @NFLPanthersSB

Thomas Davis has the heart of a champion

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If all the Carolina Panthers had the heart and desire of Thomas Davis then the team would be having a better season for sure. I don’t know if Thomas Davis always had that fire or if he just appreciates playing in the NFL after almost losing his career.

In case you have been living under a rock and don’t know, Thomas Davis is a medical history maker. Thomas Davis is the only NFL player to come back from three major knee injuries (ACL) to the same knee and come back to play.

When Thomas Davis came back he came back with a fury! I swear Davis is as good if not better than he was before his first knee injury. Thomas Davis owes his linebacking career to Michael Vick. Davis was a safety and moved to linebacker to have some speed there to combat then Atlanta Falcon Michael Vick.

In some ways being injured so much actually helped Thomas Davis. While he is 31 years old his body did take the pounding that most 31 year old NFL linebackers had taken. And Thomas Davis is still a speed linebacker and combines that with a veteran’s knowledge of the game.

Thomas Davis has the heart of a champion and is a rarity in today’s NFL. Thomas Davis wants to win and we know he wants to win. Davis does not take plays off and clearly is upset when the defense underperforms. There are two Carolina Panthers players I can’t ever remember seeing a bad thing said about by Panther’s fans. They are Thomas Davis and Luke Kuechly.

With Davis and Kuechly at the linebacker spots the Carolina Panthers are blessed. Davis has leadership and fire and so does Kuechly which is probably making this season hard on both them with the defense underperforming.

If Thomas Davis could give his heart to all of the Panthers they would be better off. But of course he can’t but he can lead by example and he does. Thomas Davis has the eye of the Tiger, or maybe The Eye of the Panther!

Tim Tebow to Dallas actually makes sense

Slideshow: Romo down Tebow to town?

Tony Romo has left the Redskins game with a back injury. Speculation is that he may be out for the season but of course its way too early to tell that. Twitter lit up with Tim Tebow to Dallas Tweets as soon as Romo went down.

We were being funny but Tim Tebow to Dallas makes sense in a way. Assuming Brandon Weeden does not set the world on fire, the Cowboys may need to make a move at quarterback.

The Dallas Cowboys really came close to drafting Johnny Manziel so they don’t mind a media circus. And while Tim Tebow does suck as a NFL quarterback he isn’t the worst option for the Dallas Cowboys. Tim Tebow is not on a NFL roster because of the media and fan frenzy that most NFL teams want to avoid at all costs.

The Dallas Cowboys are a Super Bowl contender that has a good offensive line and a great running back. Tim Tebow led a Broncos team with less talent on offense to the playoffs and won there.

Tebow could do well in a run based offense like what the Dallas Cowboys are trying to do. Even if Brandon Weeden remained the starter in Dallas, Tebow could have a play package where he could run the ball for the Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys have the talent at wide receiver to overcome Tim Tebow’s inaccurate passes. Jerry Jones loves attention so he wouldn’t mind all the Tebow comments and media drama. And just maybe with an offensive line like is in Dallas Tim Tebow could fix his NFL career. And of course if Tony Romo isn’t badly injured this was a moot point anyway.

Week 9 fantasy football tight end rankings

Slideshow: Week 9 fantasy tight end rankings

These are my fantasy football tight end rankings for week 9 of the 2014 NFL season. I also rank the other fantasy football positions so please just check the rest of the blog for those as well. I will rank the top 15 week 9 fantasy tight ends because if you don’t have one of them the slot is a wash for you anyway. Hit me up on Twitter with praise, insults or questions at @NFLPanthersSB.

1 Rob Gronkowski is the mac daddy tight end again.

2 Julius Thomas will be playing against Gronk’s Patriots and do well but Manning has more weapons to spread the ball to than Brady.

3 Antonio Gates has rediscovered his lost youth.

4 Jimmy Graham is still getting his junk together after being injured.

5 Jordan Reed is a good week 9 fantasy tight end for your team.

6 Greg Olsen was not much involved last week but he will be against the Saints.

7 Heath Miller seems to be getting his mojo going.

8 Vernon Davis is having some injury issues but may have a good week.

9 Dwayne Allen has the advantage of playing with Luck so he is dangerous.

10 Jared Cook for the Rams is an ok week 9 tight end.

11 Zack Ertz could put a hurts on some people this week.

12 Larry Donnell may actually do a little for us suckers that traded for him.

13 Jason Witten is old but has his moments.

14 Charles Clay for the Dolphins may have a decent game this week.

15 Travis Kelce winds out my list of the top 15 week 9 fantasy football tight ens.

Ranking the week 9 fantasy wide receivers

Slideshow: Brandon LaFell

Thanks for reading my fantasy football wide receiver rankings for week 9 of the 2014 NFL season. I will also be posting other week 9 fantasy football rankings so please check back here. You can read my week 9 fantasy football quarterback rankings here and the running back rankings here. I will list the top 20 fantasy football wide receivers for week 9 of the 2014 NFL season. If you have a question about another player please leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter, @NFLPanthersSB.

1 Demaryius Thomas of the Broncos will be huge this week against the Patriots.

2 Dez Bryant is the go to guy in Dallas when Murray gets to chill.

3 Antonio Brown is a great fantasy wide receiver for week 9.

4 Emmanuel Sanders is going to blow up this week.

5 T.Y. Hilton and Andrew Luck can make defenses cry.

6 Jeremy Maclin is very productive but I bet he misses DeSean Jackson.

7 Kelvin Benjamin needs to get out of Rivera’s doghouse and playing the Saints can help with that.

8 A.J. Green (if he plays) should be a fine week 9 fantasy receiver.

9 Mike Wallace has really stepped up this year.

10 Doug Baldwin is the guy in Seattle now.

11 Steve Smith is a very nice week 9 fantasy wideout.

12 Andre Johnson is not what he was but is pretty good.

13 Vincent Jackson will be solid for the Buc’s if he isn’t traded.

14 Brandon LaFell had a breakout game for the Patriots but he gets the drops.

15 Rueben Randle should be decent this week for the Giants.

16 Keenan Allen isn’t what I thought he would be but Rivers can get him the ball.

17 DeSean Jackson is a big time threat if he can find somebody to get him the ball.

18 Marquis Colston is doing well for an old timer these days.

19 Larry Fitzgerald seems ok with his reduced role as long as they are winning.

20 Brandin Cooks is finally doing a little something.